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‘Mr. Perfect’ Jared Kushner’s Not-So-Perfect Year

Januar 1, 2018No Comments

It was supposed to be a triumphant year for White House Senior Adviser Jared Kushner — but it ended up being anything but.

John Podesta Describes How Donald Trump Nearly Ruined His Vacation with a Tweet

Dezember 28, 2017No Comments

Former Hillary Clinton campaign Chair John Podesta had his vacation practically ruined in July when President Trump tweeted about him, according to a new report published this week.

Where Are They Now? Seven Members of Hillary Clinton’s Camp One Year Later

Dezember 27, 2017No Comments

It has been just over a year since the Hillary Clinton camp, so confident that it would steamroll into the White House, was, instead, crushed by then-candidate Donald Trump. Reading about the Clinton team’s various exploits during the last year, one m…

Rogues’ Gallery of Human Rights Offenders Berate U.S. in U.N. Jerusalem Vote

Dezember 25, 2017 No Comments

Countries with appalling human rights records relished their moments in the spotlight Thursday, lambasting the U.S. for daring to move its Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Report: Hillary Clinton Mulling Role in 2018 Midterms

Dezember 22, 2017No Comments

Failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is reportedly mulling a role in the 2018 midterms.

Nikki Haley Threatens to Yank Funding from U.N. over Jerusalem Resolution: ‘This Vote Will Be Remembered’

Dezember 21, 2017 No Comments

US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley unveils previously classified information intending to prove Iran violated UNSCR 2231 by providing the Houthi rebels in Yemen with arms during a press conference at Joint Base Anacostia in Washington, DC, on December 14, 2017. Haley said Thursday that a missile fired by Huthi militants at Saudi Arabia last month had been made in Iran. 'It was made in Iran then sent to Huthi militants in Yemen,' Haley said of the missile. / AFP PHOTO / JIM WATSON (Photo credit should read JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images)
Nikki Haley tore into the U.N.’s General Assembly Thursday, threatening to pull U.S. funding from the U.N.

Jeff Flake: Senate to Vote on ‘Bipartisan’ DACA Bill in January

Dezember 20, 2017No Comments

Unpopular Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) said Wednesday that he believes Congress will put legalizing illegal immigrants who came to the country as children at the top of its agenda in 2018.

Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner Hit with Lawsuit over Financial Disclosure

Dezember 18, 2017No Comments

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner were slapped with a lawsuit alleging that they made serious omissions on their public disclosure forms.

Democrat Slams Jared over Lack of Disclosure: ‘What Is Mr. Kushner Hiding?’

Dezember 15, 2017No Comments

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) issued an angry statement after Jared Kushner failed to answer questions about his family business.

Report: Trump Family Botched Voting in NYC Mayoral Election

Dezember 14, 2017No Comments

Members of the Trump family reportedly failed in their efforts to vote in the New York City mayoral election last month.