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Israeli Veterans Using ‚Subconscious Therapy‘ to Help Overcome PTSD

A subconscious therapy that was developed in Israel has been used to help Israeli Defense Force (IDF) veterans overcome their post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

‚Asexual‘ Is Hot New Sexual Identity in San Francisco Bay Area

A new sexual identity has surfaced in the Bay Area, known as „asexual.“ The individuals who identify with this orientation say do not have sexual attraction to other people.

Hollywood Goes All in for Gavin Newsom as California’s Next Governor

On August 16, some of Hollywood’s most powerful figures will attend a fundraiser for Democratic California gubernatorial candidate Lt. Gov. Gain Newsom on the lot of Universal Studios.

U.S. Navy Plane Carrying CNN Crew Warned to Leave South China Sea

A U.S. Navy P-8A Poseidon reconnaissance plane, which was carrying a CNN news team on board Friday, flew past a series of artificial islands known as the Spratly Chain in the South China Sea. The plane reportedly received at least six separate warnings from the Chinese military to leave the area.

Germany Warns U.S.: Sanctions on Iran Could ‚Boost Radical and Fundamentalist Forces‘

Germany’s Foreign Minister Heiko Maas warned on Wednesday that ongoing unrest in Iran, amplified by recently reimposed sanctions on the Islamic Republic could „boost radical and fundamentalist forces.“

Navy Secretary Wants to Bring in Cyber Officers at Higher Ranks to Recruit Better Cyberwar Talent

The United States Navy announced this week that they intend to bring cyber officers in at mid-grade levels to ensure that they are able to come and go between the private and public sector and maintain a constant stream of knowledge in the increasingly…

Latinas for Trump Founder Defends President’s Walk of Fame Star at West Hollywood City Council

Ingrid Mueller, one of the co-founders of „Latinas for Trump“ withstood hecklers and constant interruptions at a meeting of the West Hollywood City Council Monday evening as she opposed the removal of President Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk…

Iran Lifts Ban on Currency Exchanges as U.S. Implements First Series of Sanctions

Iran’s Central Bank lifted a ban on exchange offices on Monday, allowing them to bring in much-needed hard currencies ahead of the official reimposition of sanctions on the Islamic Republic’s automotive sector, gold, and other key metals by the United …

Pompeo: Iran Must Make ‚Enormous Changes‘ to Get Sanctions Lifted

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says it is possible for sanctions on Iran that were reimposed Monday to be lifted, but noted that it will take „enormous change“ by the Islamic Republic, which must „behave like a normal country.“

Suicide Barrier Construction Begins on San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge

Construction has reportedly begun on a stainless steel wire net that will help prevent suicides on San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, which is one of the world’s leading spot for suicides.