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HBO’s ‚Curb Your Enthusiasm‘ Premiere Puts MAGA Front and Center: ‚It’s a Great People Repellent‘

Januar 20, 2020No Comments

Actor Larry David ridiculed President Donald Trump and his supporters in the 10th season premier of his HBO show Curb Your Enthusiasm, with series creator and star wearing a „Make America Great Again“ hat as a „people repellent.“

Kathy Griffin Admits to ‚Straight Up Begging‘ For Work After Trump Beheading Photo

Januar 18, 2020No Comments

Leftist actress and comedienne Kathy Griffin has admitted she resorted to „straight-up begging“ for work after being widely denounced after posing for a photo in which she held President Donald Trump’s bloody and decapitated head.

Bolsonaro’s Brazil Announces Chinese-Built $100 Million Base in Antarctica

Januar 17, 2020No Comments

The government of Brazil unveiled its new $100 million Antarctic base built by the Chinese state-run National Electronics Import & Export Corporation (CEICEC) on Thursday, eight years after a fire destroyed its former base.

Venezuela: Socialist Gangs Caught Stoning Opposition Lawmaker Cars on Video

Januar 16, 2020No Comments

Socialist gangs loyal to Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro attacked a convoy of opposition lawmakers outside the country’s National Assembly in Caracas on Wednesday, consequently preventing them from entering the building for the second time this mont…

Wendy Williams Apologizes for Mocking Joaquin Phoenix’s Cleft Lip

Januar 16, 2020No Comments

Daytime talk show host Wendy Williams has apologized after she faced backlash for appearing to mock cleft lips while discussing Joker star Joaquin Phoenix’s facial scar. 

Watch: Adam Schiff was a ‚Jeopardy‘ Answer and Not One Contestant Could Identify Him

Januar 16, 2020No Comments

Not one contestant on Wednesday’s edition of „Jeopardy!“ managed to identify Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) after being asked to name the chair the House Intelligence Committee and leader of the partisan impeachment campaign against president Donald Trump.

Beijing Claims Chinese Want ‚Military Force‘ Against Taiwan

Januar 16, 2020No Comments

China has effectively pledged military action against Taiwan should its newly re-elected President Tsai Ing-wen and her Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) push for secession, stating they will stop at nothing to stop the country seceding from the mainl…

Late-Night Hosts Roast Democrat Candidates and ‚The Whitest Debate Yet‘

Januar 15, 2020No Comments

Late-night hosts Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah mocked the candidates participating in Wednesday’s Democratic Party debate, with the latter describing it as the „whitest debate yet.“

Evo Morales Threatens to Form Armed Terrorist Groups to Retake Bolivia

Januar 15, 2020No Comments

Former Bolivian President Evo Morales threatened to form armed terrorist groups on Monday to take back control of his country from the constitutionally legitimate government that took over following his resignation last year.

Six Killed in China as Sinkhole Swallows Bus and Pedestrians

Januar 15, 2020No Comments

At least six people were killed and 16 were injured on Monday after an enormous sinkhole swallowed a bus and nearby pedestrians in Xining, the capital of China’s Qinghai province.