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China: Only Communist Courts Can Interpret Hong Kong Law

November 19, 2019No Comments

Chinese authorities berated the High Court of Hong Kong on Monday for ruling that banning face coverings in public is „unconstitutional,“ claiming that only Beijing’s communist lawmakers have the right to rule on such matters.

Late-Night Hosts Float Conspiracy Theories About Trump’s Surprise Hospital Visit

November 19, 2019No Comments

The left-wing late-night hosts floated a range of conspiracies about President Donald Trump’s off the record visit to the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center this weekend, with Stephen Colbert even admitting he wants Trump to stay healthy so h…

China Sails Unnamed Second Aircraft Carrier near Taiwan

November 18, 2019No Comments

China’s second aircraft carrier made a successful voyage through the Taiwan Straits on Sunday, The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) announced Monday.

Zimbabwe: Trans Woman Wins $400,000 in Lawsuit After Arrest for Using Women’s Bathroom

November 18, 2019No Comments

A court in Zimbabwe awarded Ricky Eugene Nathanson, who identifies as a transgender woman, $400,000 after Nathanson sued police over an arrest for using the women’s bathroom.

Watch: Kanye West Brings Emotional ‚Sunday Service‘ Performance to Joel Osteen’s Megachurch

November 18, 2019No Comments

Rap superstar Kanye West brought his „Sunday Service“ traveling concert to Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church on Sunday, declaring that he is now working for Christ.

Trump to Award Jon Voight with National Medal of Arts

November 18, 2019No Comments

President Donald Trump will award the Oscar-winning actor Jon Voight with the National Medal of Arts, the White House announced on Sunday.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop Christmas List Includes $43 ‚Bamboo‘ Toilet Tissue, $101K Tree House

November 17, 2019No Comments

The holiday season is upon us which means actress Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle brand Goop is back and this year’s Christmas list includes a six-figure tree house, a $425 pair of gold handcuffs, and a 24-roll pack „essential bamboo toilet roll“ for nearl…

‚Will & Grace‘ Attacks Trump Supporters, Declaring Them ‚Neo-Nazis‘

November 16, 2019No Comments

NBC’s „Will & Grace“ resumed its attacks against conservative Americans, describing those who protested against an explicitly anti-Trump bakery as „Neo-Nazis.“ 

Video: Jane Fonda Storms Senate Building During Climate Change Protest

November 16, 2019No Comments

Actress and left-wing activist Jane Fonda led her sixth consecutive climate change protest on Friday, where she led a rally unlawfully into the Russell Senate Office Building.

After Years of Protest, Juan Guaido Urges Venezuelans to Put in ‘More Effort’

November 16, 2019No Comments

Venezuelan President Juan Guaidó urged his fellow countrymen to put in „more effort“ to topple Nicolás Maduro’s socialist regime, organizing a massive rally for Saturday.