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Chelsea Handler Admits She’s ‘Very Sexually Attracted to Robert Mueller’

März 23, 2019No Comments

Far-left comedienne Chelsea Handler has admitted she is „very sexually attracted“ to FBI Special Counsel Robert Mueller, just after he concluded his investigations into supposed collusion between Russia and Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

Boko Haram Militants Kill 23 U.S.-Backed Chadian Soldiers

März 23, 2019No Comments

Boko Haram militants killed at least 23 Chadian soldiers on Thursday in what appears to be the latest deadly attack by the Islamic caliphate.

Two U.S. Service Members Killed on NATO Mission in Afghanistan

März 22, 2019No Comments

Two American service members were killed while on a NATO mission in Afghanistan as the U.S. continues to negotiate a peace treaty with the Taliban.

Pakistani Lawmakers Denounce ‚Un-Islamic‘ Women’s Marches

März 21, 2019No Comments

Politicians in northwestern Pakistan have denounced the women’s marches that took place around the country earlier this month as „anti-Islamic,“ after people took to the streets to celebrate International Women’s Day.

U.N. Human Rights Commissioner Criticizes U.S. Sanctions Against Venezuela

März 21, 2019No Comments

The United Nations Human Rights Commissioner and former President of Chile, Michelle Bachelet, has expressed concern over the deteriorating human rights situation in Venezuela, yet also criticized U.S. sanctions against the Maduro regime designed to cr…

Venezuelan Opposition Leader’s Chief of Staff Kidnapped by Maduro Regime

März 21, 2019No Comments

The Chief of Staff to Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó was kidnapped by intelligence agents during a pre-dawn raid, an indication that the Maduro regime may be preparing to step up their crackdown on leading opposition activists. 

Chinese State Media: Christchurch Shooting ‚Exposes Western Flaws‘

März 21, 2019No Comments

Chinese state media has declared that the shooting that took place in Christchurch, New Zealand, last week „exposes Western flaws“ surrounding the integration of Muslims into foreign societies.

U.S. Sanctions Venezuela’s Gold Mining Company, Trump Warns ‚Lot Tougher‘ to Come

März 20, 2019No Comments

The United States has sanctioned Venezuela’s state-run gold mining company Minerven, accusing them of propping up the country’s socialist regime and engaging in illegal financial activities. 

Jim Carrey Paints Grotesque KellyAnne While Praising George Conway for Telling ‘The Truth About Trump’

März 20, 2019No Comments

Actor Jim Carrey fired off another politically charged artwork depicting a grotesque-looking Kellyanne Conway alongside her husband George Conway, who Carrey praised for telling the „truth“ about President Donald Trump.

Islamic State Mocks U.S. Claims of Victory, Demands Retaliation For Christchurch Massacre

März 20, 2019No Comments

The Islamic State (ISIS) has mocked claims by U.S. military officials that the organization is on the brink of total collapse, while also calling on its followers to act in retaliation for the massacre at a mosque in New Zealand that took place last we…