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Venezuela: Maduro Proposes Regime-Led National Assembly Elections

Mai 22, 2019No Comments

Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro proposed pushing forward National Assembly elections on Monday, a move that would allow his socialist regime to steal control of the country’s last democratically elected lawmaking body.

Immigration Officials Confirm Colombia Has Taken in 1.2 Million Venezuelans

Mai 21, 2019No Comments

Over 1.2 million Venezuelans are now living in Colombia, directly as a result of the economic and humanitarian catastrophe in their homeland, the head of the country’s migration agency revealed on Monday. 

California Preps Bill to Give Tax Breaks to Studios that Boycott States with Strict Abortion Laws

Mai 21, 2019No Comments

A Democratic lawmaker in California has proposed a bill that would give tax breaks to Hollywood studios that refuse to film in states that have recently enacted stricter abortion laws.

Rapper Travis Scott Donates to Planned Parenthood to Protest Alabama Abortion Law

Mai 21, 2019No Comments

Rapper Travis Scott announced that he will donate all his profits from merchandise to Planned Parenthood in Alabama in response to the new law restricting most abortions in the state.  

Line for Gasoline in Venezuela Attracts 700 People by Dawn

Mai 20, 2019No Comments

The queue for gasoline in Western Venezuela attracted 700 people by dawn on Sunday, as widespread fuel shortages continue to plague the crisis-stricken nation yet oil-rich nation.

Marvel, Mark Ruffalo Sell ‚Avengers‘ Shirts to ‚Fight for Climate Justice‘

Mai 20, 2019No Comments

„Avengers: Endgame“ star Mark Ruffalo took to Twitter on Monday to promote his own Marvel licensed t-shirt, for which proceeds go toward the „fight for climate justice.“

Venezuelan Military Imposes Fuel Rationing in World’s Most Oil-Rich Nation

Mai 20, 2019No Comments

Venezuelan soldiers loyal to the country’s socialist dictatorship oversaw the rationing of fuel at service stations across Venezuela on Sunday, forcing angry drivers to wait for hours for gasoline in the oil-rich country.

Graphic Jim Carrey Artwork Depicts Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey Being Ripped from Womb

Mai 20, 2019No Comments

Far-left actor Jim Carrey used Twitter to promote his latest violently graphic artwork over the weekend, depicting Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey as a fetus being sucked into a tube.

Barbra Streisand Hypothetical: ‚If Male Republicans Could Get Pregnant, There’d Be Free Abortion Nationwide‘

Mai 18, 2019No Comments

Left-wing pop icon Barbra Streisand chimed in on the brewing abortion debate, hypothesizing that male Republican lawmakers would support free abortions for everyone if they had to go through pregnancy.

Elton John Dismisses ‚Bullsh*t‘ Claims Straight Actor Taron Egerton Can’t Play Him in ‚Rocketman‘

Mai 18, 2019No Comments

Pop icon Elton John has defended actor Taron Egerton over claims a gay man should have played him in the upcoming biopic „Rocketman,“ dismissing the criticism as „bullsh*t.“