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Rescuers Save Dozens of Turtles Stranded Along Israeli Coast

Workers of Israel’s Sea Turtle Rescue Center have rushed to save dozens of injured sea turtles that have washed up along the country’s coast.

Islamists in Mali Kill 10 Peacekeepers ‘In Reaction’ to Netanyahu Visit to Chad

BAMAKO, Mali — Jihadist gunmen angered by Chad forging ties with Israel killed 10 Chadian peacekeepers and injured at least 25 others in an attack on a UN camp in northern Mali on Sunday, one of the deadliest strikes against the UN mission in the West …

Netanyahu Asks Romania, Ukraine to Recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital

Israel is moving full steam ahead with its efforts toward foreign recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s official capital.

Booming Israel Opens New International Airport near Red Sea

Israel was to inaugurate a new international airport Monday in its desert south meant to boost tourism to the nearby Red Sea and serve as an emergency alternative to Tel Aviv’s Ben-Gurion airport.

Palestinian TV: Shopping at Israeli-Built Mall Akin to Treason

Palestine TV, the Palestinian Authority’s official channel, has broadcast an image that equates shopping at a new mall in East Jerusalem, built by Israeli supermarket king Rami Levy, with treason.

Australian Police Arrest Man over Israeli Student’s Death

CANBERRA, Australia — Australian police arrested a man Friday for questioning over the death of an Israeli student, while the victim’s tearful father visited the flower-strewn crime scene in Melbourne where her body was found.

Brussels Jewish Museum Gunman Linked to Other Jihadists

The Frenchman accused of murdering four people at the Jewish museum of Belgium had links with other jihadists, including those behind the Brussels and Paris attacks, investigators say.

Jordan King Visits Iraq for First Time in Decade: State TV

Jordanian King Abdullah II met Iraqi President Barham Saleh in Baghdad on Monday, according to state television, in the monarch’s first trip to Iraq in more than a decade.

Pompeo: Time to Heal Rift between Qatar, Gulf States

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Sunday that a rift between Qatar and its Gulf Arab neighbors had gone on for too long and was threatening regional unity needed to counter Iran.

Arab Nations Inch Toward Rehabilitating Syria’s Assad

BEIRUT — He has survived eight years of war and billions of dollars in money and weapons aimed at toppling him. Now Syrian President Bashar Assad is poised to be readmitted to the fold of Arab nations, a feat once deemed unthinkable as he forcefully cr…