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French Govt Discusses Evacuation of Citizens from Virus-stricken Wuhan

PARIS (AP) – The French government was meeting Sunday to decide whether to repatriate some 800 French citizens who are living in the Chinese city of Wuhan, the epicentre of a deadly virus.

Macron Sends Defence Chief to U.S. to Beg Trump to Keep Troops in Africa

(AFP) — France’s defence minister departs for Washington on Sunday hoping to convince officials to keep U.S. soldiers in West Africa, where French authorities are under pressure after years of trying to bolster local forces against Islamic extremists.

Canada Confirms First Case of Wuhan Coronavirus

TORONTO (AP) – A Toronto hospital said Saturday it has a confirmed case of the deadly virus from China, Canada’s first.

Australia Day Protested as ‚Invasion Day‘ by Aboriginals and Anti-Patriots

(AFP) — Thousands of people joined „Invasion Day“ protests in cities across Australia on Sunday to mark the beginning of British colonisation of the vast continent.

United States, United Kingdom Ratify Treaty to Protect Wreck of RMS Titanic

Britain on Tuesday hailed a new treaty with the United States that seeks to protect the wreck of the Titanic from explorers and tourists.

Davos: United States and China Should Try to be More Like Sweden

Nations can learn from Nordic countries when it comes to helping people scale up the economic ladder, a report said Monday.

Heating Pipe Bursts, Flood of Boiling Water Kills Five in Russian Hotel

A heating pipe burst Monday in small Russian hotel, flooding rooms with boiling water that killed five people and left six others injured.

Prince Harry Expresses ‚Great Sadness‘ as he is Stripped of Royal Titles in First Public Remarks

Britain’s Prince Harry expressed „great sadness“ on Sunday at he and his wife Meghan being stripped of their royal titles.

Queen Elizabeth All Smiles After Harry and Meghan Announcement

Queen Elizabeth II was all smiles as she made her way to church Sunday after a momentous announcement that Prince Harry and wife Meghan would cut almost all of their ties to the royal family in favour of a more private life.

Rare Coin of Britain’s Abdicated King Edward VIII Fetches Record 1 Million

LONDON (AP) — One of the world’s rarest coins, a gold piece bearing the image of Britain’s King Edward VIII before his abdication, has sold for 1 million pounds ($1.3 million), setting a new record for a British coin.