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How do we change a mind-set?

Avi asks whether there is an understanding of the sacrifices his community has made.

Home is the place that takes you in

Will diaspora Jews leave their homes to come to Israel as a consequence of today’s unprecedented antisemitism?

Here And There: Whither democracy?

It is difficult not to question the democracy of a state that gives its voters the right to make a decision and then allows the Parliament to attempt to overturn that decision.

ESRA: Gaining by giving

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world” – Anne Frank

Israel’s elections, rockets and security

‘Tel Avivians don’t appreciate the trauma we are consistently experiencing – and yet Tel Aviv is only 55 minutes away from our home.’

Here and there: Antisemitism – the endgame?

Recent events, within the Labour Party, pose the frightening question as to whether the Labour Party’s antisemitism could evolve into state-run antisemitism should the party win the next election.

Here and There: Are we a people who look a gift horse in the mouth?

Februar 21, 2019No Comments

Yechiel Eckstein was a man who recognized the urgent necessity to help Jews in need – in Israel and throughout the world.

Here and There: The election merry-go-round 2019

We hope to learn what each party is offering; to date, it remains a mystery.

Here and There: Whither the Falash Mura’s ‘Hatikva’?

Dezember 27, 2018No Comments

It is somewhat ironic that it is Arye Deri, current head of the Shas party of which Rabbi Ovadia Yosef was founder and spiritual head, who is able to decide on the fate of these 8,000 Falash Mura.

Here and There: Remember November

November 1, 2018No Comments

Does a Jewish state create antisemitism? It was not the reason that six million of our people were murdered.