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Norwegian parliament tells government to cut funding to PA over textbooks

Ruling coalition in Norwegian parliament angered over references to violence, martyrdom and terror found in Palestinian Authority school textbooks.;

Thousands of Palestinians protest at the Gaza Strip border, 37 injured

The announcement to renew protests was issued in Gaza after a meeting of representatives of Palestinian groups on Thursday, December 5.;

Hamas: Five countries were involved in attempted prisoners swap with Israel

„The complicated political situation in Israel cast a heavy shadow on the interests of the Zionist prisoners and their families.“;

COGAT stops Palestinians from exchanging shekels for foreign currency

The move was made in response to the decision by the Palestinian Authority to stop buying calves from Israel and to begin importing calves from other countries.;

PA official claims Herzl wanted Palestinians to ‚be eaten in Africa‘

Talks between Hamas and Israel renewed – report

Thyssenkrupp invests millions in first 3D metal-printing in Israel

Arab initiative rejects BDS movement, seeks new Israeli-Palestinian talks

Iranian targets in Syria – before and after Israeli strikes

Farmers find rocket parts near Gaza; security forces warn many more out there