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Rafi Peretz’s diplomatic incident and the question of leading questions

My Word: “If you have nothing to say, say nothing.“

My Word: Leading questions and creating an agenda

“You ask, ‘Mr. President, are you a homosexual?’ and whatever the answer you’ll have a headline – either ‘President denies he is homosexual’ or ‘President is gay.’”

My Word: Deleting Jerusalem’s history; deleting Tweets

My Word: The fight and plight of the Sabra Ethiopians

The vast majority of those demonstrating this week were not “Ethiopian immigrants” but Sabras, part of the generation born in Israel – proud of their heritage but eager to lose the “Ethiopian” label.

My Word: ‘Our Boys’ and a ‘hole’ truth drama series

My Word: Weddings and peace agreements, how the PA’s anti-normalization hurts peace

When the PA insists that there can be no “settlers” in its territories, what is it really saying? Not “we cannot live with Jews” but “we will not live with Jews.”

My Word: The Mideast’s marriage of minds

My Word: Hebrew Book Week and the bigger story

Every summer, Israelis from all sectors are on the same page as they peruse the latest books, translations and related commodities in hundreds of events across the country.

My Word: A tribute (and Paddington Bear-hug) to Nechama Rivlin

Nechama – a botanist, zoologist and environmentalist who taught at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem until she retired in 2007 – quickly made the official residence a home for all.

My Word: Jerusalem of complexes and complexities

Jerusalem, home to close to one million people, is a composite of its sounds: Church bells, the calls of muezzin to prayer and the singing emanating from synagogues and homes on Friday nights.