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My Word: Family treasures, Bar Kochba’s cave and a message in time

November 14, 2019No Comments

My word: When dates with history are lost in cyberspace

November 7, 2019No Comments

This weekend is the 81st anniversary of Kristallnacht. Not a round anniversary but worth commemorating every year.

My Word: Bury Baghdadi, not his crimes

November 1, 2019No Comments

Baghdadi’s death, while an important milestone, is unlikely to put an end to global jihad, just as Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaeda terrorist organization continued in different forms even after his death.

My Word: Protecting the Kurds and refusing to be silent

Oktober 24, 2019No Comments

More than 500,000 people have been killed in Syria since the start of the civil war there in 2011 and millions displaced.

My Word: Going green and ancient prayers

Oktober 10, 2019No Comments

Among the stories I remain proudest of was an investigation into the state of the country’s rivers – warning of the dangerous levels of pollution.

Book review: Understanding Israeli-Chinese relations

Oktober 10, 2019No Comments

Past, present and future of ties between the Middle Kingdom and the Jewish State

Battling BDS, one laugh at a time

My Word: Almost reaching the moon and other memories of 5779

September 26, 2019No Comments

Having the right to vote is a precious privilege. But you can have too much of a good thing.

My Word: Moving beyond splits and votes

September 19, 2019No Comments

More importantly, each member of the public can choose individually how to respond to the election result, whether it was what they wanted or not.

My Word: Around the world for 60 years

September 5, 2019No Comments

‘The International Jerusalem Post’ celebrates its diamond jubilee