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Which has shifted: The U.S. Left or Israel’s Right?

Democrats have become increasingly critical of the Israeli gov’t, but there’s also been a change in J’lem

Has a turn left affected the Democrats’ long-standing consensus on Israel?

For the most part, declared candidates have aligned themselves with conventional Israel policy views.

U.S. ambassador says Trump peace plan to be revealed in April – report

White House officials believe they have a window of just a year to roll out its plans for an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement.

Jared Kushner plans Trump’s peace push before heat of 2020 race

Team has begun negotiation groundwork, sharing ‘elements’ of plan to regional partners

Cruz, Cotton push U.S. to recognize Israeli sovereignty over Golan

Dezember 18, 2018No Comments

It’s past time for the United States to recognize reality by affirming Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights,” the senators said.

Trump’s peace plan for Israel-Palestinian conflict facing more delays

Dezember 10, 2018No Comments

In public and in private, Kushner has responded to this question by claiming the concept of a state “means different things to different people.”

Palestinian leadership has ‘no vision,’ Greenblatt charges

“I have an overloaded wagon of complexities,” Chief Negotiator Saeb Erekat said. “I’m doing my best. I’m under occupation.”

Israel ‚forced into military action,‘ White House says

November 12, 2018No Comments

Over 200 rockets have been fired from the coastal strip into Israeli territory over the last 24 hours, and Israeli leaders are already vowing a strong response.

With Mideast peace plan, Kushner prepares his debut

Trump’s son-in-law will be the public face of his White House peace effort, breaking a two-year habit of working behind the scenes.

Trump prepared to pressure Netanyahu with peace plan

„You know, Emmanuel, I can be tough with Bibi,“ Trump added.