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Happy ending for Palestinian who was penalized for rescuing wounded Jews

Right from Wrong: Rabbi Michael “Miki” Mark was killed in front of two of his kids. An unlikely individual rescued the youth.

Right from Wrong: Happy ending to the tragic tale of a Palestinian hero

Three years ago this month, thousands of Israelis attended the funeral of Rabbi Michael “Miki” Mark, director-general of the Otniel Yeshiva, who was killed in a drive-by Palestinian terrorist attack.

Right From Wrong: Rage and responsibility in the nanny state

A day in the life of the surreal Jewish state

First time in history that the American Embassy bash was held in Jerusalem.

Right From Wrong: #MeToo, harassment and Yaron London

Right from Wrong: Pride and left-wing prejudice

Following the interview, Ohana clarified on social media that he had not meant to propose disregarding all regular court rulings, but rather those surrounding “extreme” cases.

Right from wrong: Bringing Iran to its knees

Right from Wrong: No wonder antisemites hate us

Jews cannot escape targeted hatred by changing their address.

Right from Wrong: A Passover tribute to President Trump

Some of the cynics among us, tend to throw in a few digs at the dinner table about how we wouldn’t need so much saving at the last minute if divine intervention had kept us from needing it.

Right From Wrong: Benny Gantz’s immoral analogy

Yes, the leading contender in the race for the premiership actually compared the incumbent leader of the only democracy in the region to a radical Islamist autocrat.