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Yoaz Hendel: Gantz-led gov’t will bring sovereignty over Jordan Valley

„There is no sovereignty? It is mostly the fault of the right-wing governments.“;

Uzi Dayan: ‚Sovereignty in the Jordan Valley is a security necessity‘

The Jordan Valley – strategic depth essential for Israel’s existence;

David Elhayani: ‚Jordanians want Israeli sovereignty over Jordan Valley‘

„Sovereignty over the Jordan Valley is merely a matter of time, and almost all indications point in that direction.“;

Sharren Haskel’s plan for sovereignty over the Jordan Valley

In her proposed legislation, MK Haskel detailed the process of sovereignty in the Jordan Valley and northern Samaria in a number of key phases;

Ayelet Shaked: ‚It is our obligation to apply sovereignty‘

Our plan „obviates the need for Israel to uproot communities, and it does so while avoiding any act that anyone could consider to be apartheid.“;

Bezalel Smotrich: Greatest danger to sovereignty is a unity government

US President Donald Trump plan creates the danger of a Palestinian state – Minister Bezalel Smotrich wants to forestall this by adopting the sovereignty parts of the plan here and now.;

Patriarch of Jerusalem cancels meeting with Ukrainian President in Israel

The patriarch had to focus the attention of the head of Ukraine, Poroshenko, on stopping the process of seizing churches in Ukraine.