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Expel international observers from Hebron – top minister to Netanyahu

He issued his call 14 days before his decision to renew the mandate of the organization that has operated in Hebron for 12 years, based on an agreement between Israel and the Palestinians.

Gaza Health Ministry warns of hospital shutdowns due to fuel crisis

The source of the current fuel crisis is unclear; the ministry hinted that there was a shortage in donor funds.

U.S. must erase legal opinion condemning West Bank settlements, ZOA says

„Failure to rescind the opinion would allow future US administrations to use it as a basis to support anti-Israeli resolutions at the UN.“

Yoav Gallant dismisses Palestinian state, calls to annex West Bank

“Settlements are the new Zionism of the 21st Century,” Galant said.

Police summon 30 students from West Bank yeshiva in Jewish terror case

Shin Bet: 49% spike in incidents of Israeli civilian violence against Palestinians.

Netanyahu tells Putin he’s determined to oust Iran from Syria

The two men spoke in advance of a visit to Israel and Turkey this weekend by National Security Advisor John Bolton to discuss the withdrawal of US troops from Syria.

ANALYSIS: Amona’s third fall opens door for West Bank settlement approvals

When Amona fell in 2017, Netanyahu rode the wave of anger by authorizing a completely new settlement, the first in more than 20 years.

Report: Netanyahu didn’t order Amona evacuation

The report immediately set pundits buzzing, with those believing that Netanyahu was simply back peddling his way out of a tricky political situation.

Likud Minister calls to authorize new settlement outside Hebron

Gilad Erdan’s call comes as Likud politicians are jockeying to gain credibility among right-wing voters for their support of Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria.

Danon says UNESCO manipulated by Israel’s enemies

“UNESCO is a body that continues to rewrite history, among other things, by attempts to erase the Jewish connection to Jerusalem,“ Danon said.