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COGAT refutes story that Israel separated Gazan parents from dying daughter

The Times of Gaza reported that, „Those who were around her said she died crying, unable to speak, and alone.“

Knesset speaker: ‘Our mission is to repeal the Disengagement Law’

Right-wing politicians are particularly concerned that without such a repeal, northern Samaria territory would not be included in any sovereignty drive over West Bank settlements.

Hebron Jews to Eurovision: Breaking the Silence lies, we were here first

Breaking the Silence is an NGO of former IDF officers who want to show the „occupation,“ while Im Tirzu is a right-wing NGO who want to show Hebron as „the first capital of Israel.“

Israeli settlement spending spiked by 39% under Trump – Peace Now

Netanyahu’s support for the settlement enterprise, is believed to have been reigned by former democratic US president Barack Obama who was in office from January 2009 to January 2017.

Risk of Gaza war remains imminent, UN envoy Mladenov warns

Qatar begins handing $100 cash grants to impoverished Palestinians

Trump’s peace plan sets conditions for surrender, Palestinians tell UNSC

The US cannot blatantly violate international law by recognizing Jerusalem as the “so called capital of Israel” and pretend that it has no implications on peace,“ Maliki said.

Qatar will allocate $480 million to the West Bank, Gaza

Hamas put out a statement from its political leader Ismail Haniyeh thanking the Emir for the planned transfer.

Rocket roulette: A street of miracles… and a fatality

“I felt like the building had exploded,” Miriam Gottlieb said

Gantz demands deterrence from Gaza border bunker

Rocket attack interrupts press conference.

Israel pledges to respond forcibly to Gaza

Netanyahu to hold security cabinet meeting Sunday