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No more or less a whore

What on earth were 15-year-old boys doing on such a trip, unsupervised?

Real Deal: A ‘Shtisel’ surprise

‘We fetishize and hold haredim to standards we don’t hold others to.’

Eurovision: Not the time for inside jokes

The Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation’s Eurovision teaser wins few likes.

The redoubtable Nikki Haley: Warming up for the Oval Office

Historically, the UN ambassador tended to function as a megaphone for the administration. Some had the rank of cabinet secretary, others did not. Enter Nikki.

When toys become weapons and nobody notices

Angela Merkel. Emmanuel Macron. Justin Trudeau. This is your moment. Tell Hamas what you think of burning kites and environmental terrorism.

The vanity and art of the deal

The JCPOA was an epic hoax. And a failure.

Of ravines and lakeside retreats

And as they were shot, mowed down in rows, their bodies fell onto the messy stacks of the dead and dying, tangled limbs, bodily slime, fluids, blood, everywhere.

Fact and fantasy in Polish historical revisionism

Ninety percent of Jews in Poland as of 1939 were murdered by 1945. Ten percent of Poles suffered the same fate.

On the linguistics of Polish death camps and other things antisemitic

I’m on the side of free speech and informed discussion.

Of Leningrad and St. Petersberg; refuseniks and ISIS

While the country has changed much in the last 40 years, St. Petersburg has remained eerily the same.