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Gaza report card: Assassination revealed IDF’s strengths and weaknesses

November 15, 2019No Comments

Editor’s Notes: A Gaza report card

November 14, 2019No Comments

What Gaza means for Iran, Hamas and Gantz – Analysis

November 13, 2019No Comments

The Gaza strike and what it means for Iran, Hamas and Gantz – Analysis

November 12, 2019No Comments

Israel was saying very clearly – all of Islamic Jihad is in our sights and is a legitimate target. No one is beyond Israel’s reach.

Naftali Bennett’s moment

November 7, 2019No Comments

In recent weeks Bennett has warned that if there is a new election, the right-wing camp could potentially be wiped out.

After Baghdadi, a look at effectiveness of Israel’s assassination policy

November 1, 2019No Comments

Is Israel’s policy still relevant? And should the Jewish state step up its own targeted campaign against the heads of organizations that threaten its existence?

Editor’s Notes: Everyone is waiting for Mandelblit

Oktober 18, 2019No Comments

Neither side – Likud or Blue and White – have shown flexibility or interest in budging from their current positions.

Editor’s Notes: Trump’s new order, abandoning allies

Oktober 10, 2019No Comments

“[They] didn’t help us in the Second World War, they didn’t help us with Normandy…” they fought “for their land,” Trump said when asked about his decision to stab the Kurds in the back.

Editor’s Notes: Enough with the murder on Arab streets

Oktober 4, 2019No Comments

It’s not a funny game they play

September 26, 2019No Comments

It seems that the Likudniks are stuck in a daze. They know that if they oust Netanyahu, they pave the way to a government and prevent a third election; but they are also too afraid to do so.