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Caroline Glick: Germany’s Love Affair with Iran About More than Greed

Germany’s enthusiastic, warm, and supportive ties to the genocidally anti-Jewish Iranian regime seem to point to motivations far more sinister than mere greed.

Caroline Glick: Time to walk away from Afghanistan

If nothing else comes of it, the latest round of Pakistani aggression against India served as yet another signal to the U.S. that the time has come to cut its losses and walk away from Afghanistan.

Caroline Glick: Liberal Criticism of Warsaw Conference Proves It Was Success

The liberal media have been quick to pan last week’s Warsaw conference on Middle East security as a failure. And their unanimity of opinion is proof of the conference’s success.

Caroline Glick: Ilhan Omar & Co. Were Elected Because of Their Racism, Not In Spite of It

Februar 17, 2019No Comments

Rep. Ilhan Omar is an antisemite and, as the actions of the congressional Democratic leadership last week made clear, hating Jews is a perfectly acceptable position in today’s Democratic Party.

Caroline Glick: Time for the U.S. to End Aid to Lebanon

After nine months, Lebanese Prime Minister Saed Hariri has finally bowed to reality. Hezbollah and its allies won the elections last May. And elections have consequences — which is why the U.S. should withdraw its support from Lebanon’s government.

Caroline Glick: The Limits of Arab-Israeli Cooperation

The Trump White House is reportedly deliberating the best time to present its plan for Arab-Israeli peace. But Arab societies still hate Israel.

Caroline Glick: Amnesty International Uses Airbnb to Push Wider Boycott of Israel

Februar 6, 2019No Comments

Last week, Amnesty International came out with a viciously antisemitic report demanding that online tourism websites boycott Jewish sites in the Holy Land.

EXCLUSIVE – Former Israeli War Colleges Commander: ‘Without Judea and Samaria, Israel Cannot Defend Tel Aviv’

„If [reports] they are true, they indicate that the Trump team has learned nothing from the past. And if they do go forward with something that looks like what has been reported, then their plan is a non-starter.“

Caroline Glick: The Iranian Revolution and Establishment Prejudice

Januar 24, 2019No Comments

The first lesson of the Iranian revolution must be that you cannot understand the Middle East – or anything for that matter – if you judge events and people through the filter of irrational prejudice.

Caroline Glick: The Palestinians Are a Superpower at the UN But a Weak Mess in Reality

Januar 20, 2019No Comments

The United Nations (UN) is often a theater of the absurd, where events take place that represent the exact opposite reality. So it was with the Palestinians and the G-77 last week.