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Caroline Glick: Why Foreign Governments Are Shielding Iran

Acknowledging Iran’s aggression is largely inconceivable for Germany and its EU partners; China and Russia do not want to admit the truth, either.

Caroline Glick: Ron DeSantis Takes on the BDS Movement

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a stalwart friend of Israel, declared: “If you openly support BDS in Florida, you’re dead, politically.”

Caroline Glick: Elite Contempt Is the Common Denominator in Populist Victories

Voters are choosing the populist, nationalist right in part due to their anger at the left and center-right’s undisguised contempt for them.

Caroline Glick: Trump Peace Plan Must Give Israel Full Control of ‚Area C‘

To succeed, President Donald Trump’s peace plan must provide Israeli sovereignty over „Area C“ in Judea and Samaria (the „West Bank“).

Caroline Glick: Why Democrats Keep Defending, and Promoting, Rashida Tlaib

In the anti-fact, anti-reality environment that now dominates the Democratic Party, it made sense for Pelosi and Hoyer to defend Rashida Tlaib.

Caroline Glick: Trump’s Policy on Iran Is Working

Media analysts and Obama administration officials are working overtime to blame President Donald Trump for Iran’s decision, announced Wednesday, to breach key limitations on its nuclear operations that Teheran had accepted in 2015 in the framework of t…

Caroline Glick: Israel Must Prepare for Next War with Hamas

If Israel’s military commanders are correct, and the next round of Hamas aggression is waiting around the corner, then Israel should use the coming weeks to prepare itself for an operation that will convince Hamas that it is wrong to view attacks on Is…

Caroline Glick: Trump Is Right About the Muslim Brotherhood

President Donald Trump reportedly intends to designate the Muslim Brotherhood a foreign terrorist organization. And he should.

Glick: DePaul University Faculty Joins in on Anti-Jew Attacks

In under a week, the U.S. has been subjected to three major anti-Jewish events that flow from three different poisonous wells.

Caroline Glick: New York Times, Central Clearinghouse of Antisemitism in America

The New York Times — as an institution that propagates anti-Jewish messages, narratives, and demonizations — is deeply tied to the rise in white supremacist violence against Jews.