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Caroline Glick: The Palestinians Are a Superpower at the UN But a Weak Mess in Reality

Januar 20, 2019No Comments

The United Nations (UN) is often a theater of the absurd, where events take place that represent the exact opposite reality. So it was with the Palestinians and the G-77 last week.

Caroline Glick: The New York Times‘ War on Israel and Jews Who Support It

The New York Times has never been a big fan of Israel, or non-assimilated and non-leftist Jews for that matter. But it’s hard to escape the impression that the Times has decided to intensify its hostile stance towards Israel, Israeli Jews, and American…

Caroline Glick: Withdrawal from Syria Has a Positive Side — But Erdogan Is a Negative One

Erdogan’s empowerment in the framework of the U.S. withdrawal from Syria is by far the largest negative consequence of the move.

Caroline Glick: Pros and Cons of the U.S. Pullout from Syria

Time will tell whether Trump’s decision to remove U.S. forces from Syria was a prelude to disaster for U.S. allies and a boon for America’s enemies, or whether the opposite is the case. But what is clear enough is that move is not entirely negative.

Caroline Glick: Left Claims Jewishness While Discriminating Against Jews

Dezember 16, 2018No Comments

Like their predecessors in the Middle Ages, today’s leftists see Jews who denounce Jews and the Jewish state as “good Jews.”

Caroline Glick: The U.S. Government Still Thinks Lebanon and Hezbollah Are Different

Dezember 16, 2018No Comments

Israel maintains that Lebanon’s government and the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) are effectively controlled by Hezbollah, the Iranian proxy force.

Caroline Glick: The Next War Between Hezbollah and Israel

Dezember 6, 2018No Comments

Tuesday appears to have marked the beginning of a serious bid by Israel finally to confront and defeat Iran’s proxy, Hezbollah.

Caroline Glick: Israel and the U.S. Have Common Interests in the Middle East

The root of Israel’s enduring significance to the U.S. is found in the fact that the Jewish state shares all of America’s core interests in relation to the region.

Caroline Glick: Trump Stares Down the ‚Post-Nationalist‘ Mob on Khashoggi

November 23, 2018No Comments

It is far better to have a leader that recognizes and accepts the world as it is in all its cruelties, and works with allies – even authoritarian ones – against common foes, than to be led by men and women who prefer the posture of morality at the expe…

Caroline Glick: Even with Early Israeli Elections, the Left Will Lose

November 22, 2018No Comments

Last Wednesday, Israel’s Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman resigned his position in protest over Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s decision to agree to a ceasefire with Hamas.