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Instagram Removes ‚Babylon Bee‘ Founder’s Cartoon Post for ‚Hate Speech‘

April 10, 2019No Comments

Instagram removed a cartoon posted by Babylon Bee founder Adam Ford for „hate speech,“ Wednesday.

Report: Google Manually Manipulates Search Results to Exclude Conservative Sites

April 10, 2019No Comments

Google manually manipulates search results in an effort to exclude conservative websites, such as the American Spectator, the Conservative Tribune, and the Gateway Pundit, according to documents leaked to the Daily Caller.

Report: Apple Owns Generation Z – 83% Have an iPhone

83 percent of high school students reportedly own an Apple iPhone.

Report: Amazon Competitors Are Embracing the Company’s Platform

Amazon competitors are reportedly embracing the company’s online store as some of them close hundreds of brick and mortar shops, opting to sell their products directly through Amazon due to benefits such as the company’s delivery system.

UK Government Plans Crackdown on ‚Harmful Content‘ Online Including ‚Trolling‘ and ‚Disinformation‘

The U.K. government has revealed a set of planned „extreme“ measures to sanction tech companies which fail to remove „harmful content“ online, including terrorist content, self-harm, bullying, and child pornography, but also „extreme pornography,“ „tro…

Mark Zuckerberg Proposes Regulating Political Discussion, Immigration Debate

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg proposed in an interview this week that political discussion on social media, including the immigration debate, should be regulated in an effort to crack down on foreign influence.

Report: Microsoft Investigating ‚Overlooked‘ Sexual Harassment Claims

Microsoft is reportedly investigating multiple sexual harassment claims made by employees which were previously „overlooked“ by human resources.

Gillette Venus Ad Campaign Features Obese, Trans Models

Gillette’s new Gillette Venus advertisement campaign features morbidly obese women and transgender models. The company claims “ALL types of beautiful skin deserve to be shown,” but it has experienced resistance and widespread mockery …

Report: Amazon ‚Quietly Removes‘ Special Treatment to Own Products from Searches

Amazon has reportedly „quietly“ removed „special treatment“ to its own products from Amazon search results and other areas of the site amid growing Big Tech concerns.

Report: Facebook Ad Algorithm Discriminates Even When Told Not To

Facebook’s advertisement targeting system can’t help but discriminate, according to a report, which claimed it discriminates by race and gender even when told not to.