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Trump Denounces Obama-Appointed Judge Blocking Denial of Asylum to Caravan Migrants

November 21, 2018No Comments

President Donald Trump reacted to an order from a federal judge on Tuesday to halt enforcement of his order to deny asylum to the migrant caravan crossing into the United States illegally at the Southern border.

‚That’s Not Law‘ — Donald Trump Previews ‚Major Complaint‘ Against Ninth Circuit Court

November 21, 2018No Comments

„Well you go to the Ninth Circuit, and it’s a disgrace, we’re going to put in a major complaint,“ Trump said. „Because you can’t win if you’re us.“

Donald Trump: Unlike Hillary Clinton, Ivanka Trump Did Not Delete Private Emails

November 20, 2018No Comments

“There was no deleting like Hillary Clinton did,” Trump said. “You’re talking about all fake news.”

Donald Trump Jokes About Election ‚Recount‘ During Turkey Pardon

November 20, 2018No Comments

The public voted online to select one of the two turkeys provided for the ceremony, which the White House named „Peas“ and „Carrots.“

White House Defends Ivanka Trump’s Use of Private Email

November 20, 2018No Comments

Peter Mirijanian, a spokesman for Ivanka Trump’s lawyer, Abbe Lowell, told the Washington Post that none of the emails included classified information.

Sarah Sanders Outlines Conduct Rules for White House Reporters

November 20, 2018No Comments

„We have created these rules with a degree of regret,“ Sanders said in a statement.

Donald Trump: Yes, We Should Have Captured Osama Bin Laden Earlier

November 19, 2018No Comments

President Donald Trump defended his statement that the United States should have captured Osama Bin Laden earlier.

Donald Trump Joins Democrats in California in Response to Wildfires

November 18, 2018No Comments

“I’ve never seen anything like that,” Trump said about the fires. “And what we saw there wasn’t as bad as some of the areas where we’re not allowed to go, where we just can’t go for safety reasons. Some of the areas are worse than that.“

Donald Trump: Now Is ‚a Very Good Time to Do a Shutdown‘ for Border Wall

November 17, 2018No Comments

„This would be a very good time to do a shutdown,“ Trump said.

Donald Trump on Caravan Migrants: If They Hate Their Country, Why Are They Waving Their Flags?

November 17, 2018No Comments

„If they have such fear, such problems, and they hate their country, why do we see all the flags being waved for Guatemala or Honduras or El Salvador?“