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Yair Netanyahu Slams ‘Stupid’ Linda Sarsour Over ‘Jesus Was Palestinian’ Tweet

TEL AVIV – Women’s March leader Linda Sarsour was branded „stupid“ by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s son, Yair, over her claim that Jesus of Nazareth was a “brown copper skinned” Palestinian.

Netanyahu Spotlights Reported Ties between Ehud Barak and Disgraced Financier Jeffrey Epstein

TEL AVIV – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday charged political rival and former prime minister Ehud Barak with having ties to Jeffrey Epstein a day after the billionaire was  arrested in New York on allegations of child sex trafficking.

Lindsey Graham to Float Alternative to Iran Nuclear Deal

TEL AVIV –  Senator Lindsey Graham, while on a visit to Israel, said he plans to unveil an alternative to the 2015 nuclear deal that would prevent Iran from enriching uranium. 

Mossad Chief Says Israel Opening Foreign Ministry Office in Oman

TEL AVIV – The head of the Mossad said Monday that Israel was renewing ties with Oman and establishing a foreign mission in the Gulf sultanate, presenting an „unprecedented opportunity“ for ties with other Arab states. 

Netanyahu: Iran’s Breach of Uranium Limit Shows Nuke Deal ‚One Big Lie‘

TEL AVIV – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday accused Iran of „lying this whole time“ and taking a “significant step” toward producing a nuclear weapon after news that Tehran had violated the terms set under the 2015 nuclear deal and exceeding…

Southern Israeli Residents to Explore UN Appeal Against Hamas

TEL AVIV – Residents of the Gaza envelope in southern Israel are preparing to file charges at the United Nations against the terror group Hamas for violating their human rights by allowing the continued launch of incendiary devices over the Gaza border…

Trump: If No Israeli-Palestinian Deal During My Presidency ‚It’ll Never Happen‘

TEL AVIV – President Donald Trump said Saturday there will never be a resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict if a peace accord doesn’t happen while he is president, and added that his long-anticipated proposal has a “very good chance” of succes…

UN Hosts Session on Antisemitism at General Assembly

TEL AVIV – The United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday held an informal session on combating antisemitism and other forms of racism and hate.

Jared Kushner in Bahrain: Peace Plan ‚Opportunity of the Century‘

TEL AVIV – In Bahrain, President Donald Trump’s senior adviser Jared Kushner launched a $50 billion economic peace plan and told the absent Palestinians that the U.S. has “not given up on you” and the “deal of the century” should now be called the “opp…

Hague Views Testimonies of Palestinians Describing Mass Torture by Abbas’s PA

TEL AVIV – Some 50 Palestinians petitioned the International Criminal Court at The Hague on Monday to launch an investigation into the Palestinian Authority for carrying out war crimes, including torture, on suspected collaborators with Israel.