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Evangelical Women Pray over Trump: ‚Holy Father…We Thank You for His Courage‘

At least a dozen evangelical women prayed over President Donald Trump when he made an unplanned appearance Wednesday at his hotel in Washington, DC.

This Week in the House: Democrats Desperate to Save Abortion on Demand

The desperation of the abortion industry and the politicians whose campaigns it funds was on full display as the House voted Thursday to remove the decades-old deadline for ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA).

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to Set Up Back-to-Back Votes on Pro-Life Bills

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell plans to schedule consecutive votes this month on two pieces of pro-life legislation.

‘Women’s Rights’ Groups Silent on Female Athletes Seeking to Preserve Women’s Sports

Some might think organizations focused on “women’s rights” or labeled “feminist” would be eager to show support for female athletes in a lawsuit challenging a policy that allows biological males to compete against women, giving them an unfair advantage…

National Pro-Life Group: ‘Make No Mistake, Klobuchar Still Extreme on Abortion’

Democrat presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar said ahead of the New Hampshire primary that the Democrat Party should be a “big tent” party that is open to pro-life voters, but national pro-life groups warn Klobuchar is nowhere near a moderate when it c…

Burial Service Set for 2,411 Aborted Baby Remains Found in Abortionist’s Garage

The Indiana attorney general has scheduled a burial service Wednesday for the 2,411 aborted babies whose remains were discovered in September in the Illinois garage of abortionist Ulrich Klopfer after he died.

Catholic Employee Files Discrimination Charge Against Labor Union over Abortion Rights Stance

A Catholic employee has filed a federal complaint against a major labor union, claiming union officials rejected her requests to end the deduction of her dues because she objects to the union’s pro-abortion rights stance.

Review Ordered of NHS Rules on ‘Transgender’ Teens‘ Medical Treatments

A review has been ordered of NHS rules that allow young teens to have transgender medical treatments without parental involvement.

Fact Check: Washington Post Reports Transgender Puberty Blockers Are ‘Reversible’

The Washington Post claims hormone treatment to delay puberty is “reversible,” in an article critical of a South Dakota proposed law that would criminalize treating transgender young people with medical treatments or surgery.

Fact Check: Liz Warren Falsely Claims ‘3 of 4’ Americans Believe Roe v. Wade Should Be Law

Most polling, including the results of a Marist poll released just two weeks ago, finds most Americans reject the Supreme Court’s decision in Roe v. Wade.