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AUDIO: Frustrated Jerry Jones Curses on Radio Show After Another Loss

Dezember 6, 2019No Comments

Talking to Jerry Jones after a loss, can be rough. Talking to him the morning after another primetime loss and a full night of travel, can get downright testy.

WATCH: Cowboys and Bears Fans Slug it Out in Wild Brawl

Dezember 6, 2019No Comments

It was a rough night for the Cowboys on the football field, and it wasn’t any easier for some of their fans inside the stadium after the game.

Online Petition Demands Michael Vick’s Removal as 2020 Pro Bowl Captain

Dezember 5, 2019No Comments

It turns out that when it comes to Michael Vick’s dogfighting past, some are neither willing to forgive nor forget.

WATCH: LeBron James Commits Blatant Travel Violation, Gets Away with It

Dezember 5, 2019No Comments

LeBron James has had some really bad looks in recent years, however, most of those bad looks have come away from the court. Now, his mental breakdowns seem to have caught up with him on the hardwood.

49ers Suspend Radio Announcer for Comments About Lamar Jackson’s ‚Dark Skin‘

Dezember 5, 2019No Comments

The San Francisco 49ers have suspended radio host Tim Ryan after he said that Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson is good at faking handoffs because of his „dark skin with a dark football.“

Wisconsin Town Outlaws Throwing Snowballs

Dezember 4, 2019No Comments

Wisconsin may be a winter wonderland this time of year, but for those in the town of Wausau who plan on fashioning the freshly fallen snow into snowballs to hurl at other people, you can forget it.

Steelers‘ Maurkice Pouncey Says Racial Slur Accusation Against Mason Rudolph is ‚False‘

Dezember 4, 2019No Comments

Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey is rejoining his team after serving a two-game suspension for defending his quarterback from Myles Garrett’s attack on November 14th.

WATCH: Female Fans Engage in MMA-Style Brawl at Cards-Rams Game

Dezember 3, 2019No Comments

Divisional rivalry games late in the season, can become extremely contentious. They can also, as it turns, become extremely violent.

WATCH: Shark Knocks Florida Boy Off His Surfboard

Dezember 3, 2019No Comments

There are many hazards when going out surfing: you can lose your board, or you can get knocked off your board by a shark.

Bengals Fan Living on the Roof of a Bar Finally Comes Down After Team’s First Win

Dezember 2, 2019No Comments

The Bengals victory over the Jets on Sunday didn’t just put a „W“ in the win column, it gave a man a home.