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Christian Charity CEO: Religious Freedom Must Be a Baseline Human Right for Our Global Trade Partners

As the number of Christians living under severe persecution around the world grows, American officials must make clear to nations that profit from American business that „human rights are a concern of the American people,“ David Curry, the CEO of the C…

Iranian Media ‚Scholar‘ Demands Execution of ‚Child Rapist‘ Trump over Soleimani Strike

Iran’s PressTV state news agency published an interview with an alleged American „scholar“ Wednesday who branded President Donald Trump a „child rapist“ and claimed American laws require the executions of Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo over t…

Pentagon: 11 U.S. Troops Flown out of Iraq with Concussion Symptoms After Iranian Attack

The Pentagon’s Central Command confirmed late Thursday that 11 American troops showed symptoms of concussions strong enough to be flown out of Iraq following an Iranian ballistic missile attack that President Donald Trump claimed left no casualties. Ir…

Human Rights Watch: China Poses ‚an Existential Threat to the Rights of People Worldwide‘

An unchallenged China will herald in „a dystopian future in which no one is beyond the reach of Chinese censors, and an international human rights system so weakened that it no longer serves as a check on government repression,“ Human Rights Watch warn…

Iran Propaganda: ‚Horror-Stricken‘ America Retreated After Missile Attack

President Hassan Rouhani echoed Iranian state propaganda Thursday with his claim that American soldiers had „retreated“ in the Middle East following an Iranian missile attack that caused no American casualties and negligible property damage last week.

Iran Claims It Arrested Source of Damning Ukrainian Plane Video

Iranian official claimed on Wednesday that they had arrested a person believed to have taken video footage of the final moments of Ukrainian International Airlines (UIA) Flight 752, which appeared to show it aflame before crashing.

Martel – Democrats, Choose: You Cannot Be Pro-Woman and Support the Iran Deal

The Democrats chosen to participate in CNN and the Des Moines Register’s presidential debate on Tuesday wanted to make very clear to the world: They like women.

Iranian Officials Speculate U.S. ‚Enemy Sabotage‘ Took Down Ukrainian Plane

Senior Iranian officials suggested on Wednesday that U.S. „cyberattacks“ and „enemy sabotage“ may have taken down Ukrainian International Airlines (UIA) Flight 752, less than a week after Tehran admitted that its soldiers shot the civilian plane out of…

Fact Check: Joe Biden Falsely Claims Trump Softened North Korea Sanctions

Former Vice President Joe Biden claimed that President Donald Trump „weakened the sanctions“ on North Korea during Tuesday night’s Democrat debate, an allegation contradicted by the fact that North Korea is currently under unprecedented sanctions and t…

China’s Top Diplomat: Taiwan Supporters Will ‚Stink for 10,000 Years‘

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi took time from his visit to Zimbabwe on Monday to condemn Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen for being re-elected in a landslide, declaring that Taiwan’s „separatists“ would „stink for 10,000 years.“