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Delingpole: Rejoice! Rejoice! Britain Just Dodged the Marxist Bullet!

So Britain doesn’t, after all, want to be run by an antisemitic, terrorist-supporting Marxist and his gang of nasty, aggressive, intolerant, historically illiterate Social Justice Warriors who think the only problem with Communism is that it hasn’t bee…

Delingpole: Strap in Tight! This is Britain’s Flight 93 Election

In less than 36 hours Britain will be in the hands of a japesome patriot blond or an unreconstructed antisemitic, terror-supporting Marxist.

Delingpole: Boris’s Conservatives May Be Disappointing; but Corbyn’s Labour Are Totalitarian Monsters

Labour orchestrated a dodgy stunt in which the Health Secretary was mobbed by activists who’d been taxied in to form a flash protest group.

Delingpole: Britain’s Political Class Has Surrendered to the Green Blob

The entirety of Britain’s political class, left and right, has surrendered to the Green Blob. Why do the Tories pander to the enemy like this?

Delingpole: Boris Should Learn from Trump to Shun the Vile, Leftist MSM

Boris Johnson has spent this election treating Donald Trump’s friendly overtures with about as much enthusiasm as Prince Andrew fending off a cheery call from his old mate Jeffrey Epstein.

WATCH: At the Madrid Climate Conference Delingpole Met Naomi, the Anti-Greta

(Madrid, Spain) — Meet the Anti -Greta. Her name is Naomi Seibt, she’s 19 years old, but unlike some teenage activists we could mention she is most definitely not welcome at the UN’s COP25 climate conference. That’s because she believes the global war…

Watch — Delingpole: Green Policies Are Turning Chile Into Venezuela

The most important thing you need to know about the U.N.’s latest climate circus is that it was originally going to be staged in Chile.

WATCH — Delingpole: The UN’s COP25 Madrid Climate Conference Is a Sick Joke

MADRID, Spain — I’m in Madrid for the latest UN Climate Conference – COP25 – and literally no one cares.

Delingpole: More Green BS from Attenborough – Polar Bears v Beluga Edition

Attenborough has been caught telling more porkie pies to promote his green agenda, this time suggesting that climate change has altered polar bears‘ feeding habits.

Delingpole: London Bridge Terror Attack – the Good, the Bad, and the Shameful

Terrorist attacks often reveal a country at both its worst and its best. Yesterday’s atrocity – in which Muslim terrorist Usman Khan murdered two passers-by before being shot dead by police – was no exception.