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Delingpole: #Megxit! Ex-Prince Harry Got Woke, Now He’s Broke…

Under the malign influence of Hollywood princess Meghan, Harry got woke and now he’s broke. Why did he not see all this coming?

Delingpole: David ‚Greta of the Third Age‘ Attenborough Launches BBC’s Climate Bedwetting Blitzkrieg

The BBC has completely lost the plot on climate change with its star enviro loon Sir David Attenborough leading the charge over the cliff edge like the wrinkliest, long-tusked male in a herd of suicidal walruses.

WATCH: ‚Will This Kill My Career?‘ Actor Laurence Fox Come Out as Pro-Trump!

Meet your new favourite actor Laurence Fox, currently trending on Twitter because of his shocking appearance on BBC’s Question Time last night.

Delingpole: University Pays Student Stasi to Inform on Classmates for ‘Microaggressions’

A British university is paying students to spy on their classmates and report them for any language they deem to be a teeny bit offensive.

Delingpole: Only ‚Furious, Moronic C***s‘ Found Ricky Gervais Funny, Explains Guardian Comedy Expert

Only „furious moronic c**ts“ liked Ricky Gervais’s Golden Globes set, declares the worst article ever written by a comic in the history of comedy or journalism.

Delingpole: Greta Thunberg’s Dad Writes Her Facebook Posts

Greta Thunberg doesn’t write her own Facebook posts. They are largely written for her by grown-up environmental activists including her father Svante Thunberg and an Indian delegate to the UN Climate Secretariat called Adarsh Pratap.

Delingpole: RIP Britain’s Greatest Conservative Philosopher, Sir Roger Scruton

He provided the most satisfying definition of conservative values I’ve ever heard: ‚people who love something actual and want to retain it.’

Delingpole: Australian ‚Climate‘ Fires Are Pure Fake News Propaganda

Australia’s ‚climate‘ fires are fast becoming the biggest fake news scare story of 2020. All the world’s stupidest, most annoying, hand-wringing, virtue-signalling leftists, luvvies, eco-loons, shyster politicians, second-rate activist scientists and o…

Delingpole: Meghan Markle Is NOT a Victim of Racism

Prince Harry and Meghan are quitting the UK because of ‚racism‘. Or so claims a particularly ludicrous opinion piece in the New York Times.

Delingpole: Princess Yoko Splits Up the Royal Band

From the Beatles to Spinal Tap it’s an all-too familiar scenario: pushy new girlfriend arrives on the scene with ludicrous, fancy ideas…