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Top Dem on Kamala Harris Announcing for President on MLK Day: ‚Symbolism‘ Not Yet ‚Substance‘

Januar 21, 2019No Comments

Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) reportedly said that despite the „symbolism“ of Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) deciding to announce her run for president on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, voters had yet to see her provide „substance.“

Kamala Harris: Seven Key Facts About Democrats‘ Top 2020 Contender

Januar 21, 2019No Comments

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) declared Monday that she will run for President. She is already drawing comparisons to Barack Obama, who once praised her good looks. Here are seven other key facts about her.

Covington Catholic High School Student Nick Sandmann: ‚I Was Not Going to Become Angry … I Am a Faithful Christian‘

Januar 21, 2019No Comments

Nick Sandmann, a junior, identified himself as the student at the front of the crowd in the video, and described the media reports about the confrontation as „misinformation and outright lies.“

Senior Democrat: Ban Teens from Wearing MAGA Hats

Januar 20, 2019No Comments

House Budget Committee chair Rep. John Yarmuth (D-KY) called Sunday for a ban on teenagers wearing „Make America Great Again“ (MAGA) hats.

Critics Push Back Against Media Reports Covington Catholic High School Students Racist Toward Native American Drummer

Januar 20, 2019No Comments

Critics are pushing back against the portrayal of students from Covington Catholic High School as racist, after a confrontation between the school and a Native American counter-demonstrator at the March for Life on Friday.

Pollak: John Kerry Should Just Go Away

Trump can only hope John Kerry is in „the middle of the debate“ in 2020. But the rest of us should hope he just goes away.

Pollak: Educating Illegal Aliens and Their Children Costs L.A. Schools Hundreds of Millions Per Year

Januar 19, 2019No Comments

The cost of educating illegal aliens and their children could amount to hundreds of millions of dollars per year, if not billions, experts say.

Blue State Blues: Shutdowns Are Different When Republicans Fight Back

Januar 18, 2019No Comments

Pelosi and Schumer are somewhat new to problem-solving. They have also never seen a Republican who fights back. That is why they are losing the shutdown.

Watch: Striking Teachers Urge ‚Scabs‘ Not to Cross Picket Line in L.A.

Januar 18, 2019No Comments

Teachers on strike in Los Angeles attempted to stop non-union substitutes from arriving at the Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools on Thursday morning, as the local union continued its strike into a fourth day.

Nancy Pelosi Appoints Anti-Israel Radical Ilhan Omar to House Foreign Affairs Committee

Januar 17, 2019No Comments

Leader McCarthy condemned Ilhan Omar’s appointment: „Anti-Semitism has no place in Congress and certainly not on the House Foreign Affairs Committee.“