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World View: Ebola Outbreak in D.R. Congo Spreading Exponentially Faster

Contents: Ebola outbreak in DR Congo now spreading exponentially faster; Local DRC population giving little cooperation to health officials

World View: Somalia Terror Group al-Shabaab Attacks Nairobi, Kenya

Contents: Somalia terror group al-Shabaab attacks Nairobi, Kenya, hotel complex; Al-Shabaab continues to threaten eastern Africa

World View: India-Iran and Saudi-Pakistan Alliances Form and Strengthen in Asia

Contents: In turnaround, Saudi Arabia will give $10 billion to Pakistan, rejecting Iran; India takes over operations at Iran’s Chabahar port, despite US sanctions

World View: China’s Economy Destabilizes as Huawei Introduces Cheap Smartphone

Contents: Huawei plans to become world’s biggest smartphone supplier as it introduce Huawei P Smart 2019; Poland arrests Huawei employee on spying allegations; Chinese economic expert Xiang Songzuo warns that economy shows signs of crashing; Xiang’s He…

World View: Trump Announces that U.S. Troops Deploy Near D.R. Congo

Contents: Trump announces that US troops will be sent to DR Congo; DR Congo delays releasing election results again; Ebola outbreak spreads more slowly than feared in DR Congo

World View: Myanmar Buddhist Separatists in Rakhine State Kill 13 Policemen

Contents: Myanmar (Burma) Buddhist separatists in Arakan Army in Rakhine State kill 13 policemen; EU considers revoking Myanmar’s trade preferences because of Rohingya genocide

World View: DR Congo in Election Chaos, as Ebola Continues to Spread

Dezember 29, 2018No Comments

Contents: DR Congo in election chaos, as Ebola continues to spread; DRC anti-government protesters attack Ebola clinic in Beni

World View: Socialist Venezuela’s Oil Output Plummets as Refugee Outflow Surges

Dezember 27, 2018No Comments

Contents: Socialist Venezuela’s oil output continues to crash — except for China joint venture; UN prepares Venezuelan refugee crisis, the largest in modern Latin American history

World View: Christmas in Bethlehem Is the Biggest in Years

Dezember 25, 2018No Comments

Contents: Christmas in Bethlehem is the biggest in years; DJIA falls 650 points on Monday

World View: China Arrests a Second Canadian Without Justification

Dezember 13, 2018No Comments

Contents: China recklessly arrests a second Canadian without justification; US blames China for Marriot data breach in plan to create massive database of American citizens; Google CEO Sundar Pichai evades questions about helping China’s military