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Obama Suggests Trump Has ‚Racism‘ and ‚Mommy Issues‘

November 20, 2018No Comments

Former President Obama suggested that President Trump is not solving the world’s problems because he has „racism“ and „mommy issues.“

Nolte: You Can Fire Fox News by Killing Your Cable Package

November 20, 2018No Comments

Long before it became a phenomenon, Breitbart News was covering the phenomenon of cord-cutting. Years before the patriotic act of canceling your cable or satellite television package was a thing, Breitbart news was right here laying out all reasons to …

Did Fox News Cost the GOP Orange County?

November 20, 2018No Comments

With such tight races, it is not unreasonable to ask if Fox News suppressed the Republican vote in Orange County.  

Nolte: Poll Shows CNN’s Jake Tapper Is America’s Most Distrusted ‚Journalist‘

November 19, 2018No Comments

A Morning Consult poll shows CNN’s Jake Tapper is the most mistrusted journalist in America.

Chipotle Rethinking Manager Firing over Apparent Race Hoax

November 19, 2018No Comments

Chipotle is reconsidering the termination of one of their managers after she became the victim of an apparent race hoax.

Stormy Daniels: Trump ‚Completely Destroyed‘ My Porn Screenwriting Career

November 19, 2018No Comments

Stormy Daniels said during an appearance at the Oxford Union that President Trump „completely destroyed“ her porn screenwriting career.

Blu-Ray Reviews: ‚BlacKkKlansman,‘ ‚Incredibles II,‘ ‚Solo‘

November 17, 2018No Comments

Here is a quick look at some of the biggest titles that have arrived on home video over the past few weeks of Spile Lee’s „BlacKkKlansman,“ Disney’s „Incredibles II,“ and Ron Howard’s „Solo: A Star Wars Story.“

Nolte – Media Cover-Up: Guy Who Yelled ‘Heil Hitler’ During ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ Performance Hates Trump

November 16, 2018No Comments

The establishment media do not want you to know it was a Trump-hater who stood up during a Baltimore performance of Fiddler on the Roof to yell „Heil Hitler, Heil Trump!“

Kanye West Sings Karaoke with Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg

November 15, 2018No Comments

Kanye West published a tweet Wednesday that showed him enjoying some karaoke with Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg.

Far-Left Politico, CNN Say Democrat Bill Nelson Can’t Win FL Recount

November 15, 2018No Comments

Politico and CNN have done the math and report that incumbent U.S. Senator Bill Nelson cannot win the Florida recount — barring a miracle.