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Nolte: Nine Reasons to Be Skeptical of BuzzFeed’s Cohen Report

Januar 18, 2019No Comments

The media’s latest anti-Trump „bombshell“ … … … …  oh, sorry, I nodded off for a moment there — was dropped Thursday night, so let me be the first to welcome you to this weekend’s round of breathless „the walls are closing in on Drumpf“ coverage becau…

Nolte: CNN Attacks Beto O’Rourke for Being White

Januar 18, 2019No Comments

Obama spent so much time with his navel, before he turned 35 he had already written a full-fledged auto-biography about his precious self.

Nolte: MSNBC, CNN Spread Homophobic Conspiracy Theory Against Lindsey Graham

Januar 17, 2019No Comments

MSNBC and CNN are now both on record doing their part to spread a fringe conspiracy theory attacking Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC).

Rep. Ilhan Omar Furthers Homophobic Conspiracy that Lindsey Graham’s ‚Compromised‘

Januar 17, 2019No Comments

The freshman congresswoman is facing some blowback for her homophobic smear of Graham, but it is obviously not coming from the establishment media.

Nolte: Axios Gaslights with False Claim Beto O’Rourke Didn’t Live-Stream Teeth Cleaning

Januar 17, 2019No Comments

Why would Axios, a left-leaning political site that advertises itself as unbiased and fact-driven, publish the audacious lie that „Beto O’Rourke did not live-stream his teeth cleaning on Instagram?“

Nolte: Kevin Hart Has #1 Movie in America, and Oscar Still Has No Host

Januar 16, 2019No Comments

In front of the whole world, the very institution that should have been standing up for artistic and personal expression served up their own guy to the fascist lions, and now they’re screwed.

Nolte: ‚Ghostbusters‘ Will Return Without Female Cast Everyone Hated

Januar 16, 2019No Comments

Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters remake didn’t crash-dive because Americans are sexist; it crash-dived because a cherished 30-year-old franchise was launched as an in-your-face social statement

Nolte: Pelosi ‚Disinviting‘ Trump from State of the Union is Yuge Opportunity

Januar 16, 2019No Comments

Now there is nothing stopping Trump from giving the State of the Union address elsewhere — like, say, an arena in a swing state.

Accidental Opioid Deaths Top Car Accident Deaths for the First Time

Januar 16, 2019No Comments

According to National Safety Council’s grim death statistics, whatever is being stopped along our porous border is nowhere near enough. The problem is getting worse as Democrats party in Puerto Rico.

Nolte: CNN Hiring John Kasich Is Another Never Trump Payoff

Januar 15, 2019No Comments

What I see is a big political payoff, not only a direct payoff to Kasich, but a way to send a message to other Republicans that there is an incentive to sell out.