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Church Members Create 7-Foot-Tall Gingerbread Replica of Notre Dame

A Missouri church did its best to honor the historic Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris by creating a 7-foot tall gingerbread replica of the church.

Secret Santa Pays Off $20,000 in Layaways at Alabama Walmart

A generous Secret Santa paid off $20,000 in layaway accounts at an Auburn, Alabama, Walmart on Monday morning, focusing on accounts with children’s toys.

Nine-Year-Old Gives Away 130 Bicycles to Charity

A Michigan girl is spreading joy to others by giving them a new set of wheels this holiday season.

Florida Girl Fighting Rare Form of Cancer Finds Donor

A girl from Orlando, Florida, with a rare form of cancer found a bone marrow donor just in time for the holiday season.

VIDEO: Man Rescues Dog After Leash Gets Trapped in Elevator Doors

A man’s quick actions saved a small dog from what could have been a horrible accident after its leash got caught between an elevator’s doors.

Wounded Navy Seal Gifted Mortgage-Free Home in Virginia

A wounded Navy lieutenant who joined the military in 1991 and served for more than 20 years as a Navy SEAL received a mortgage-free home Tuesday thanks to the nonprofit Building Homes for Heroes.

Secret Service Issues Warning About Fake $100 Bills During Holiday Season

The Secret Service is issuing a warning about counterfeit $100 bills this holiday season that have been hitting retailers in the purse.

Woman’s Naughty Christmas Light Display Rubs Neighbors the Wrong Way

A woman’s Christmas light display in Lenexa, Kansas, is rubbing neighbors the wrong way because of its graphic nature.

Teacher’s Aide Accused of Having Sex with Students in Pool

A Florida teacher’s aide accused of having sex with two 15-year-old students at a pool near her residence was arrested Friday night.

Poll: Most Democrats Think Obama Was Better President than Washington

Most Democratic voters say that they believe former President Barack Obama was a better president than founding father and first U.S. president George Washington, according to a recent poll.