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SpaceX Picks Texas Border City Over Los Angeles to Build Mars Ship

Januar 17, 2019No Comments

SpaceX, the space exploration firm founded by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, announced Wednesday it will build test versions of its Mars spaceship in South Texas and not at the Port of Los Angeles, a decision made to streamline operations, the Hawthorne, Califor…

Another Noncitizen Indicted for Voter Fraud in 2016, Says Texas AG

Januar 16, 2019No Comments

A non-United States citizen was charged, arrested, and indicted for illegally voting in the November 2016 general election, says Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.

Texas Jail ‚Inadvertently‘ Released ICE Detainee, Says Sheriff

Januar 16, 2019No Comments

An inmate held in a Texas jail on a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detainer was „inadvertently“ released Tuesday, according to the county sheriff, who said police had no authority to rearrest the man.

Texas Border Officials Pilot Anti-Human-Trafficking Unit

Januar 15, 2019No Comments

Texas border officials announced the launch of the nation’s first-of-its-kind law enforcement unit aimed at thwarting human trafficking in the Rio Grande Valley.

Previously Deported Illegal Immigrant Accused of Sexually Assaulting Child

Januar 14, 2019No Comments

A previously deported illegal immigrant accused of sexually assaulting an 11-year-old was allegedly attempting to flee the United States to Mexico at the time of his apprehension Saturday, say police in Montgomery County, Texas.

WATCH: Teacher Drags 9-Year-Old Autistic Boy Down School Hallway

Januar 9, 2019No Comments

A Kentucky teacher was caught on video dragging a nine-year-old autistic boy down the hallways of an elementary school.

Five Mexican Nationals Sent to Prison for International Sex Trafficking Ring

Januar 9, 2019No Comments

Five Mexican nationals, members of a notorious international criminal enterprise that forced young women and underage girls from Mexico and Central America into prostitution in the United States, received stiff prison sentences.

Top 5 Voter Fraud Cases Along Texas Border in 2018

Januar 1, 2019No Comments

In a year fraught with voter fraud allegations, many of which resulted in prosecutions across Texas, counties along the Mexican border stood out as hotbeds for investigative activities.

Texan Faces Prison After Answering Facebook Ad Seeking Drug Smugglers

Dezember 28, 2018No Comments

A Texas man, lured by the promise of fast money and a free car, faces federal prison on drug smuggling charges after answering a Facebook ad that sought drivers to travel between the United States and Mexico.

WATCH: Texas School Bus Driver Plays Santa for Every Child on Route

Dezember 24, 2018No Comments

The image of Santa Claus emblazoned in a child’s mind is usually one of a jovial, portly man with a white beard clad in a red and white suit; however, this year, Santa came early to one Texas elementary school in the form of a bus driver.