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Conservatives Slam Judge for Blocking Genital Mutilation Charges

November 21, 2018No Comments

A federal judge is facing a public outcry after he threw out federal charges against several Muslims who are suspected of cutting girls‘ genitals to minimize future sexual desires.

Donald Trump’s Migration Policy Boosts Farm Productivity, Wages

November 20, 2018No Comments

Farms are increasingly buying labor-saving machinery — and raising farmworkers‘ wages — because they are facing a shortage of illegal migrant workers, says an article in the New York Times.

DHS, DoJ Slam Judge’s Order to Let Illegal Migrants Apply for Asylum

November 20, 2018No Comments

The Departments of Justice and Homeland Security are promising to appeal President Donald Trump’s asylum reform after a San Francisco judge intervened to help illegal economic migrants get catch and release into the nation’s job market.

ACLU Asks Judge to Break Donald Trump’s Border Reform

November 20, 2018No Comments

U.S. soldiers rolled out more razor wire along the U.S.-Mexican border, but the more important fight on Monday took place in a San Francisco courtroom, where President Donald Trump’s deputies defended his asylum reforms from pro-immigration ACLU lawyer…

UK Survey Shows One-in-Seven People Support Transgender Claim

November 17, 2018No Comments

Only about one-in-seven people in the United Kingdom accept the transgender ideology’s demand that each person’s sex is determined by their biology, not by their feeling of „gender identity,“ according to a new survey.

WSJ: Caravan Migrants Bring Children to Hack Border and Asylum Rules

November 17, 2018No Comments

The Wall Street Journal has admitted that farmers and manual labors in Central America are hacking U.S. asylum laws by bringing children to trigger the catch-and-release loopholes.

Donald Trump Hits a Congressional Wall on Border Wall Funding

November 16, 2018No Comments

GOP senators are nudging President Donald Trump to give up hopes for a $5 billion down-payment on a border wall in 2019.

Mexican Government Aids Trump Border Reforms by Helping U.S. ‚Meter‘ Caravan Asylum-Seekers

November 16, 2018No Comments

Mexican border officials are aiding U.S. border agents by helping them “meter” the number of migrants who can apply for asylum each day.

Trump’s Border Policy Seeks to Curb Trafficking of Children and Youths

November 15, 2018No Comments

President Donald Trump’s new border rules include a clause that could sharply curb the cartels‘ trafficking of children and youths into the United States.

Dallas News: U.S. Job Offers Pull Caravan Migrants to the Border

November 14, 2018No Comments

Caravan migrants in Mexico told the Dallas News they are migrating towards blue-collar jobs in the United States.