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New York Times Op-Ed: Double Immigration to Grow Economy, Not Wages

Januar 16, 2019No Comments

The United States government should double annual immigration to two million per year because it would help the nation’s „workforce and economic health,“ said an op-ed in the New York Times.

Pelosi’s Border Policy: More Guards at the Front Door, Open Back Door

Januar 16, 2019No Comments

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is trying to drain political support and funding from the planned border wall by repeatedly urging more federal spending to improve the official gateways through the border.

‚Betrayal‘: College-Grad Voters Slam Trump’s Support for H-1B Outsourcing Program

Januar 15, 2019No Comments

President Donald Trump’s Tweeted support for foreign H-1B outsourcing workers is a betrayal of his American supporters, say U.S. college graduates who are losing jobs to a huge wave of cheap visa-workers.

Democrats: Real Border Crisis Is Lack of Taxpayer Aid for Migrants

Januar 15, 2019No Comments

The lack of taxpayer payments to Central American economic migrants is the crisis on the border, says California Democrat Scott Peters, who presented the party’s weekend message. 

Lindsey Graham Urges More Border Wall Talks Before National Emergency Declaration

Januar 14, 2019No Comments

Sen. Lindsey Graham says he will back a national emergency declaration after President Donald Trump spends three more weeks offering an amnesty deal in exchange for border wall funding.

WashPost: Another Honduran Caravan Starts Next Week

Januar 12, 2019No Comments

Hondurans who want to escape poverty and corruption are launching another caravan of migrants towards the Californian border, according to the Washington Post. 

WashPost Admits Trump’s Economy Aiding Minorities, Women

Januar 12, 2019No Comments

President Donald Trump’s hot economy is raising wages and bringing more sidelined workers back into the workplace, according to a grudging admission by a „Wonkblog“ reporter at the Washington Post. 

Nancy Pelosi Pushes ‚Technological Wall‘ Instead of a Fence

Januar 11, 2019No Comments

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is reviving the establishment’s „virtual wall“ policy on the southern border to soften her uncompromising opposition to President Donald Trump’s push for a real fence on the border.

Flashback: Establishment Spent $1 Billion on ‚Virtual Fence‘ to Avoid Building Border Fence

Januar 10, 2019No Comments

Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama successfully wasted $1 billion building an ineffective „virtual wall“ of border sensors in place of a border fence.

Six GOP Senators Offer to Trade Amnesties for Border Wall plus Cheap Labor

Januar 10, 2019No Comments

President’s Donald Trump’s son-in-law and his top congressional aide met with six GOP Senators who are offering a series of cheap-labor and amnesty measures in exchange for border-wall funding, according to reporters in Congress.