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Trump at Davos: EU More Difficult to do Business With Than China, UK Will Come Out Great From Brexit Negotiations

President Trump has condemned the EU’s protectionism, remarking Boris Johnson had „guts“ in taking on the continental power bloc.

Trump: After Devastating Fire, Great Bells of Notre Dame Will Ring Again, ‚Giving Glory to God‘

Donald Trump has expressed faith in Notre Dame, stating its completion would give „glory to God“ and fill millions of people with wonder.

Trump at Davos: ‚We Look Forward to Negotiating a Tremendous New Deal With the United Kingdom‘

President Donald Trump has talked up the prospect of a „tremendous“ trade deal with the United Kingdom during his keynote Davos Speech.

Lane: Only Modernist Architects Will Benefit From Moving the House of Lords to Beautiful York

The House of Lords may go north in a bid to spread government more evenly. This begs the question, what has York done to deserve this?

Five Reasons Meghan Markle May Not Have Got on With Britain All That Well

the British people really do support the monarchy and do tend to cut them a lot of slack. So what could possibly have gone wrong? 

Just 1,295 Days After the Referendum, Brexit Deal Finally Passes House of Commons

The EU Withdrawal Agreement passed a vote in the House of Commons Thursday afternoon, three and a half years after the Brexit referendum.

UK Foreign Secretary Signals That Britain Could Pull Out of Iran Nuclear Deal

The UK could pull out of the nuclear deal over Iran’s failure to comply with its terms, the foreign minister has heavily implied.

First Prime Minister’s Questions: Boris Goads hard-Left Corbyn Over Taking Cash From Iran

Johnson appeared to back U.S. action against Qassem Soleimani and goaded Corbyn over money he received from an Iranian propaganda outfit. 

‚We Need to Engage, Not Isolate Iran‘: UK Left Piles on With Condemnation of President Trump

The UK should stand up to the U.S., prominent members of the UK left have said as they condemned President Trump.

Terrorism, Brexit, and the Migrant Crisis: Three Stories That Defined the Decade

The most politically turbulent decade for Europe since the Cold War is drawing to a close — but what will these ten years be remembered for?