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Davos Globalist Summit Welcomes Teen ‘Change Makers,’ Including Greta Thunberg

Januar 21, 2020No Comments

The World Economic Forum for the first time is welcoming young activists to the event, including climate change teen guru Greta Thunberg.

U.S. Student Loan Debt Remains at $1.7 Trillion, Average Owed $29,000

Januar 21, 2020No Comments

Student loan debt in the U.S. stands at $1.7 trillion, with the average obligation at more than $29,000, and many aren’t keeping up.

Poll: Majority Oppose Conviction, Removal in Trump Impeachment

Januar 20, 2020No Comments

A Gallup poll shows the Republican Party firmly behind President Donald Trump as he faces impeachment, with 93 percent opposed to a Senate impeachment conviction and removal, and 51 percent of Americans overall agree.

Hate-Spewing Protesters Claim Love Will Save the Country from Trump

Januar 19, 2020No Comments

Thousands of protesters took part in the annual Women’s March in D.C. on Saturday to criticize President Trump and his administration.

CDC: 60 Deaths, Thousands Hospitalized Across U.S. from Vaping

Januar 18, 2020No Comments

The CDC released data on Thursday that show 60 deaths and thousands of hospitilizations from using electronic cigarettes.

Women’s March Promotes 2020 Rallies with Spanish-Language Song Titled ‚A Rapist in Your Path‘

Januar 17, 2020No Comments

The anti-Trump Women’s March is taking place on Saturday in Washington, DC, with the themes of patriarchy and rape.

D.C. Declares ‘No Tent Zone’ for Homeless on K Street Underpass

Januar 17, 2020No Comments

D.C. is citing danger to pedestrians as the reason for removing tents pitched by homeless residents in the underpass below K Street.

ICE Acting Director: ‘Recycled’ Children Part of Human Trafficking on U.S. Southern Border

Januar 17, 2020No Comments

ICE’s acting director said on Wednesday a “new area” of human trafficking along the U.S. border with Mexico is „recycled“ children.

Trump DOE Promotes School Prayer on National Religious Freedom Day

Januar 16, 2020No Comments

President Trump marked National Religious Freedom Day by issuing a guidance letter to schools on students’ Constitutional right to prayer.

Survey: 62 Percent of Respondents Would Give Up 2020 Vote to Get Student Debt Forgiven 

Januar 16, 2020No Comments

The LendEDU website conducted a survey with student loan borrowers to gauge the popularity of having their debt forgiven.