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Eurocrat Brands Brexit ‘One of the Most Spectacular Mistakes’ in History

The former President of the European Council Donald Tusk has said that Brexit is „one of the most spectacular mistakes“ in history and that it would be better for the UK and the EU if Brexit did not happen.

Study: Conservative Students Feel Unable to Express Views at UK Universities

A study has found that a majority of conservative students feel unable to express their political opinions at university.

Labour Would Give EU Nationals the Vote in Second Brexit Referendum

A Labour shadow minister has confirmed that a Labour government would radically tear up the rules of British democracy by giving EU citizens living in the UK a vote in a second referendum, saying the decision was not just down to people „born here“.

Boris Johnson Warns Jeremy Corbyn Wants to Destroy NATO, Abolish MI5

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has warned British voters that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn wants to „destroy“ the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and that his party wants to abolish the country’s domestic intelligence agency.

Hungarian Minister Praises American Leadership in NATO, Criticises Macron’s Brain Dead Comments

Hungary’s Péter Szijjártó has praised the American leadership in NATO and said that he did not agree that NATO was brain dead.

Boris Says UK ‚Fully Committed‘ to NATO, Warns Not to Take Peace for Granted

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said that the UK is „fully committed“ to NATO, but warns that peace cannot be taken for granted.

Trump: No NHS on Negotiating Table Even if Served on Silver Platter

President Donald J Trump has again confirmed that Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) will not form any part of future UK-U.S. free trade deal negotiations even if it was served to the U.S. „on a silver platter“.

Farage: NATO and EU Army Cannot Coexist

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage has warned that NATO and a future EU army cannot coexist.

Cinema Suspends Screening of Gang Movie After Man Stabbed

The British cinema chain Cineworld has suspended screenings of gang movie Blue Story at one of their theatres in Nottingham, England, following a stabbing during the end credits.

Tories Would Introduce Australia-Style Immigration System

The Conservatives have said that they will introduce a points-based, Australia-style immigration system if they win the December 12th General Election.