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Firewall Breach: Joe Biden Slips to Single-Digit Lead in South Carolina

Dezember 14, 2019No Comments

Former Vice President Joe Biden has slipped to a single-digit lead in South Carolina—a state he has dominated since launching his candidacy.

Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren Threaten to Ditch Debate over Labor Dispute

Dezember 13, 2019No Comments

A pair of top-tier 2020 Democrat candidates threatened not to participate in next week’s presidential primary debate in Los Angeles as a labor dispute embroils the campus set to host the event.

Megan Rapinoe Endorses Elizabeth Warren for President

Dezember 13, 2019No Comments

U.S. Women’s soccer star Megan Rapinoe on Friday announced her support for Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-MA) presidential campaign in a video posted to Instagram. 

Biden Bashes Influence of Billionaires While Relying on their Money

Dezember 13, 2019No Comments

Former Vice President Joe Biden is bashing the outsize influence billionaires are having on the race for the 2020 Democrat nomination, despite his own campaign relying heavily upon their money.

Michael Bloomberg’s Doctor: 2020 Candidate in ‚Outstanding‘ Health

Dezember 13, 2019No Comments

Billionaire and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is in „outstanding health,“ according to the 2020 White House candidate’s doctor. 

Joe Biden Denies Mulling One Term Pledge, Top Ally Implies Otherwise

Dezember 12, 2019No Comments

Joe Biden is denying reports that he would serve only one term if elected in 2020, but a top Delaware ally is implying otherwise.

Poll: Michael Bloomberg Deeply Unpopular After Entering 2020 Race

Dezember 10, 2019No Comments

A newly-released poll shows billionaire and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is deeply unpopular with registered voters after jumping into the crowded 2020 Democrat primary field.

Michael Bloomberg Flies into U.N. Climate Meeting in Spain to Lecture on ‚Sustainability‘

Dezember 10, 2019No Comments

Democrat presidential aspirant and self-described “global leader” on the environment, Michael Bloomberg, flew to Spain on Monday and joined the U.N. COP25 talks to deliver the message the U.S. is „still in“ with globalist plans for climate action.

Timeline of Events Undercuts Joe Biden’s Newest Burisma Defense

Dezember 10, 2019No Comments

The timeline of events surrounding Hunter Biden’s appointment to the board of Burisma Holdings undercuts Joe Biden’s newest defense about not being made aware his son’s overseas dealings could pose a conflict of interest.

Poll: Hillary Clinton Top Pick Among Democrat Voters

Dezember 9, 2019No Comments

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton would be the leading choice among registered Democrat voters for the White House if she jumped into the crowded primary field, according to a recently released poll.