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Harvard Poll: Only 35% of Young Republicans Are Comfortable Sharing Opinions

November 19, 2019No Comments

A new poll conducted by the Institute of Politics at Harvard University found that only 35 percent of young Republicans are comfortable sharing their political opinions on college campuses around the country.

Syracuse U. Students Demand Right to Select Roommate by Race

November 19, 2019No Comments

Leftist student activists at Syracuse University are fighting for the right to select their roommates based on race. The university’s chancellor replied, „I’ve heard the concern and I validate it.“

U. of Washington Student Government: Requiring a Doctor’s Note Is Racist

November 19, 2019No Comments

The University of Washington Associated Students organization declared in a recent resolution that asking students to obtain a doctor’s note when they are absent is racist.

Grand Valley State University Kills Pledge of Allegiance Tradition

November 19, 2019No Comments

Students at Grand Valley State University voted last week to stop reciting the Pledge of Allegiance at student government meetings over concerns that it is discriminatory and oppressive.

Professor: Academia Increasing Efforts to ‚Eliminate Conservatives‘

Professor Richard Vatz of Towson University in Towson, Maryland, says that despite academic world priding itself on „supporting the marketplace of ideas and academic freedom,“ there has been „an increasing and unremitting effort to eliminate conservati…

Watch: Leftist Mob Harasses College Republicans, Turning Point USA Members at Binghamton U.

A mob of leftist activists surrounded College Republicans and Turning Point USA members on Thursday at Binghamton University in New York. „You’re never gonna be able to do this again,“ said one leftist to the conservative students, referring to promoti…

UNC Charlotte Students Call for Ouster of Chancellor Who Served at Gitmo

November 15, 2019No Comments

Students at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte are calling for the removal of the campus security chief over his previous career as an army commander at the Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp.

Northwestern U. Journalism Dean: Student Newspaper Editors Were ‚Bullied‘ Into Apology

November 14, 2019No Comments

Northwestern University Journalism Dean Charles Whitaker condemned activists for bullying student newspaper editors into apologizing for their coverage of a campus lecture featuring former Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

U. of Kentucky Student Files Complaint Against ‚Shrek‘ Musical for Trans Joke

November 14, 2019No Comments

A student after the University of Kentucky filed a „bias incident“ report against a producer of an on-campus production of Shrek: The Musical over a transgender joke that was part of the Tony award-winning show’s original script.

Watch: Assailant Sprays Rep. Dan Bishop’s Son in Face While Vandalizing NC State TPUSA Display

An alleged member of NC State’s Young Democratic Socialists of America club sprayed paint into the face of Jack Bishop, the son of Rep. Dan Bishop (R-NC) and a member of the school’s Turning Point USA club, while spray painting over a message promoting…