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China Says ‚No Need to Panic‘ as Deadly Virus Goes International

Chinese officials and state media insisted on Monday that the emergence of a previously unknown respiratory virus affecting hundreds and believed to have killed three people so far presented „no need to panic“ and that the virus was not spreading signi…

Facebook ‚Error‘ Translated Xi Jinping’s Name to ‘Mr. Sh*hole’

Januar 20, 2020No Comments

Social media giant Facebook has apologized for an „error“ that incorrectly translated Chinese dictator Xi Jinping’s name to mean „Mr. Shithole.“

Hong Kong Protest Attracts 150,000 Before Police Violently Crack Down

Local media reported that 150,000 people in Hong Kong attended a protest Sunday demanding the world impose sanctions on the Communist Party of China that ended abruptly with police brutality and the arrest of its organizer despite the group receiving a…

Huawei Exec’s Extradition Hearing Begins in Canada

VANCOUVER, British Columbia (AP) — The first stage of an extradition hearing for a senior executive of Chinese telecom giant Huawei begins Monday in a Vancouver courtroom, a case that has infuriated Beijing, caused a diplomatic uproar and added to tens…

Amazon Promises 1 Million New Jobs in India by 2025

Januar 18, 2020No Comments

E-commerce giant Amazon has attempted to address the Indian government’s issues with the company’s plans to set up shop in the country by promising to create 1 million new jobs in India by 2025.

Christian Charity CEO: Religious Freedom Must Be a Baseline Human Right for Our Global Trade Partners

As the number of Christians living under severe persecution around the world grows, American officials must make clear to nations that profit from American business that „human rights are a concern of the American people,“ David Curry, the CEO of the C…

China’s Birth Rate Falls to Almost 60-Year Low

Januar 18, 2020No Comments

According to data compiled by the Chinese government and released by its National Bureau of Statistics on Friday, the birth rate in 2019 fell to a level not seen since 1961. That still worked out to 14.65 million babies, however, so the population now …

China Says Economic Growth Fell to Lowest in 30 Years

Januar 17, 2020No Comments

The second-largest economy grew 6.1% in 2019 as trade war took a serious toll.

Merkel Makes Clear That Germany Will Not Help U.S. in China Trade Fight

Januar 16, 2020No Comments

Angela Merkel’s comments undercut a key Democratic talking point: that the U.S. should work with its allies to pressure China.

North Korean Propaganda Video Shows Female Soldiers Singing, Dancing for Kim Jong-un

Januar 16, 2020No Comments

An exceptionally odd North Korean propaganda video uncovered by South Korean media on Wednesday shows a group of female soldiers singing and dancing to entertain dictator Kim Jong-un. The clip is apparently part of a very long “documentary” chronicling…