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Poll: Big Majority of Brits Still Worried About Mass Immigration, Cite Pressure on NHS, Schools

Almost two-thirds of Britons are still concerned about their country’s high levels of immigration, citing pressure on the National Health Service (NHS) and schools as especially worrying.

Delingpole: Boris Should Learn from Trump to Shun the Vile, Leftist MSM

Boris Johnson has spent this election treating Donald Trump’s friendly overtures with about as much enthusiasm as Prince Andrew fending off a cheery call from his old mate Jeffrey Epstein.

Biden Sides with Foreign Leaders Mocking Trump: ‚The World Is Laughing‘

Dezember 5, 2019No Comments

Joe Biden released a campaign ad on Wednesday siding with the foreign leaders caught on camera mocking President Donald Trump at the recent NATO summit.

Boris Johnson Warns Jeremy Corbyn Wants to Destroy NATO, Abolish MI5

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has warned British voters that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn wants to „destroy“ the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and that his party wants to abolish the country’s domestic intelligence agency.

Boris Says UK ‚Fully Committed‘ to NATO, Warns Not to Take Peace for Granted

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said that the UK is „fully committed“ to NATO, but warns that peace cannot be taken for granted.

Justin Trudeau Appears to Mock Donald Trump for Giving Media Too Much Access

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appeared to mock President Donald Trump’s generous time with the press Tuesday night in a hot-mic moment in London.

Praising Brexit and Boris Johnson, President Trump Insists He Won’t Interfere in UK Election

Dezember 3, 2019No Comments

President Trump answered the speculation over whether he would get involved in the UK general election campaign during his visit to London.

Trump: No NHS on Negotiating Table Even if Served on Silver Platter

President Donald J Trump has again confirmed that Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) will not form any part of future UK-U.S. free trade deal negotiations even if it was served to the U.S. „on a silver platter“.

‚It’s Time This Country Got Serious‘ Says Farage as Poll Reveals 71% Back Annual Migrant Cap

Dezember 3, 2019No Comments

British voters across all party allegiances, views on Brexit, and age profiles think there should be an annual cap on the number of migrant arrivals to the country after a Brexit, a new poll has found, prompting Brexit leader Nigel Farage to reflect it…

‚He Will Obviously Appear Neutral‘ – Boris, Farage Play Down Endorsements Ahead of Trump Visit

Dezember 1, 2019No Comments

Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage have played down the possibility of election-related remarks from President Trump at the London NATO summit next week.