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Poll: Big Majority of Brits Still Worried About Mass Immigration, Cite Pressure on NHS, Schools

Almost two-thirds of Britons are still concerned about their country’s high levels of immigration, citing pressure on the National Health Service (NHS) and schools as especially worrying.

Leaked Dossier Exploited by Corbyn and Anti-Brexiteers Linked to Russia

LONDON (AP) – The social media platform Reddit says a dossier leaked days before Britain’s general election is linked to a Russian campaign, banning 61 accounts suspected of violating policies against vote manipulation.

Study: Conservative Students Feel Unable to Express Views at UK Universities

A study has found that a majority of conservative students feel unable to express their political opinions at university.

Diane Abbott’s Privately-educated Son Charged with Biting Police Officer

James Abbott-Thompson, son of Labour Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott, has been charged over an incident in which police officers were allegedly bitten and spat on.

Near-Record 79 Illegal Boat Migrants Reach UK over One Day

A near-record 79 illegal migrants crossed the English Channel from Continental Europe in five boats on December 4th, followed by 19 more in the small hours of December 5th.

Second London Bridge Victim Named, Both Were Prisoner Rehab Workers

LONDON (AP) – Three of the five people who were killed or wounded in the London stabbing attack were former Cambridge University students or staff members who had gathered for an event designed to connect graduate students with prisoners to study crimi…

London Bridge Victims Identified as Cambridge University Graduates

LONDON (AP) – Cambridge University has revealed that the woman stabbed to death in a London extremist attack was a former student.

Sadiq Khan After Terror Attack: ‚Our Strength Is Our Diversity‘

London mayor Sadiq Khan told reporters that diversity is one of the British capital’s strengths in the wake of the London Bridge attack, and that all great cities are targets for terrorists. 

Boris Calls for End of Early Prisoner Release After Public Tackled Terrorist with Narwhal Tusk, Fire Extinguisher

November 30, 2019No Comments

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has called for an end to early prisoner release after members of the public had to tackle a rampaging jihadist armed with nothing but a fire extinguisher and a narwhal tusk.

‚Freedom of Expression Has Its Limits!‘ – Merkel Rails Against Free Speech

November 30, 2019No Comments

Chancellor Angela Merkel railed against free speech in the German parliament, declaring that freedom of expression which offends „the dignity of other people“ must be censored to secure a truly free society.