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D.C. Archbishop Calls for Investigation into Alleged Homosexual Predator at National Shrine

Washington, DC, Archbishop Wilton Gregory said Tuesday he hopes to see a full “forensic investigation” into the case of Monsignor Walter Rossi, rector of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, who has been accused of serial homosexual predat…

Beijing Holds ‘Patriotic’ Indoctrination Course for Catholic Priests

ROME — Officials of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) hosted a week-long training program for Catholic priests who have enlisted in the state-controlled Catholic Patriotic Association, organized around the theme “Guiding the Catholic Church to follow …

J.D. Vance, Author of Hillbilly Elegy, Becomes Catholic

J.D. Vance, the author of the bestselling Hillbilly Elegy, was baptized and received into the Catholic Church in Cincinnati last weekend, a week after Ron Howard wrapped up filming for the movie of the same name.

Pope Francis: Doors ‘Must Be Opened, Not Closed’ to Migrants

Pope Francis said that it is a “Christian duty” to welcome migrants, insisting that doors should be opened to them rather than closed.

Pope Francis Proposes ‘Europe First’ Against Populist Nationalism

Pope Francis said that citizens of European nations should put the good of Europe before that of their own countries in a remarkably frank interview Friday.

Polish Bishops Denounce ‘Ideological Totalitarianism’ of LGBT Lobby

The head of the Polish Catholic Bishops’ Conference released a statement Thursday urging legislators to resist LGBT ideology, while embracing a politics of non-discrimination.

Iraqi Archbishop: ‘Extinction Is Coming’ for Christians in Middle East

Chaldean Archbishop Bashar Warda of Erbil offered a grim prediction for the future of Christianity in the Middle East, saying recurring Islamic purges will inevitably lead to the extinction of Christians.

Texas Bishop Touts Denial of Communion to Pro-Abortion Politicians

The bishop of Tyler, Texas, has praised a brother bishop for refusing to give Holy Communion to Catholic politicians who support abortion legislation.

U.S. Bishops Push for ‘Responsible Gun Laws’

The United States Catholic bishops issued a new statement Sunday after the latest shooting incident in Dayton, Ohio, denouncing an “epidemic against life” and extending their condolences to victims’ families and friends.

U.S. Bishops Walk Back Demands for Stricter Gun Laws

The United States Catholic bishops toned down language calling for stricter gun control legislation in the midst of three major shooting incidents in the country.