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Bernie Sanders Joins Climate Strikers in Iowa: This Is a ‘Global Existential Crisis’

Dezember 7, 2019No Comments

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT)  joined climate change strikers outside of the Iowa Capitol Building in Des Moines as part of Friday’s global climate strike.

Video: Jane Fonda Hits the Streets for ‚Climate Refugees,‘ Goes After ICE and Big Banks

Dezember 6, 2019No Comments

Far-left actress and activist Jane Fonda took to the streets of Washington, D.C. on Friday, blocking traffic to protest on behalf of „climate refugees.“ She also cast blame on U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and big banks like BlackRock and JP…

Watch: Climate Strike Frustrates D.C. Driver: I’m Burning ‘More Gas by Sitting Here’

Dezember 6, 2019No Comments

Climate change protesters frustrated a D.C. driver during morning rush hour during a planned climate strike on Friday, prompting him to remind them that they were causing him to „burn more gas by sitting here.“

WATCH: At the Madrid Climate Conference Delingpole Met Naomi, the Anti-Greta

(Madrid, Spain) — Meet the Anti -Greta. Her name is Naomi Seibt, she’s 19 years old, but unlike some teenage activists we could mention she is most definitely not welcome at the UN’s COP25 climate conference. That’s because she believes the global war…

Pope Francis: Extreme Weather Events Are Nature’s ‘Alarm Signals’

Pope Francis recalled a massive storm that struck northern Italy last fall, saying that such natural disasters are nature’s way of sounding an alarm to make us more environmentally engaged.

Self-Declared Climate Change ‘Global Leader’ Mike Bloomberg Enjoys His Own Fleet of Private Jets, Helicopters

Dezember 5, 2019No Comments

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg, worth an estimated $54 billion, enjoys his own fleet of private jets and helicopters while describing himself as a „global leader“ on the environment and climate change.

Pope Francis Scolds Nations for ‘Weak’ Response to Climate Crisis

Pope Francis upbraided political leaders for their half-hearted response to the climate crisis Wednesday, suggesting that their weak resolve in cutting emissions reveals a lack of political will.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Fundraises for Anti-Trump Enviro Lobby Fighting to ‚Ensure There’s a Planet for the Next Generation‘

Dezember 3, 2019No Comments

Left-wing actress Julia-Louis Dreyfus is urging her fans to donate money to an anti-Trump environmental lobby group that has taken the president and his administration to court 100 times in the last three years.

WATCH — Delingpole: The UN’s COP25 Madrid Climate Conference Is a Sick Joke

MADRID, Spain — I’m in Madrid for the latest UN Climate Conference – COP25 – and literally no one cares.

Greta Thunberg Warns that People Underestimate ‘the Force of Angry Kids’

Teenage climate scold Greta Thunberg issued another warning Tuesday to adults who allow global warming to continue, suggesting they fail to grasp the power of the young.