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Ayanna Pressley: Women Still Shackled in 2020; ‘Constitution Is Sexist by its Very Design’

Februar 13, 2020No Comments

Rep. Ayanna Pressley spoke on the House floor on Wednesday in support of a bill to extend the expired deadline for states to ratify the controversial Equal Rights Amendment, claiming during her speech that women are still in “shackles” and that the Con…

Fact Check: Mitt Romney Misquotes Dershowitz In Speech on Convicting Trump

Fact Check – CLAIM: Romney said the White House argued a statutory violation was needed for impeachment. VERDICT: FALSE.

Philbin Refutes Democrats‘ Claims About ‚Cover Up‘

Deputy White House Counsel Patrick Philbin told the Senate on Tuesday that Democrats‘ claims of a „cover up“ of the Ukraine call and the „whistleblower“ complaint were incorrect, both factually and legally.

Dershowitz: Even if Bolton Article True, ‚Quid Pro Quo‘ Is Not Impeachable

Harvard Law School professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz told the Senate impeachment trial Monday evening that even if allegations attributed to former National Security Advisor John Bolton were true, they would not be impeachable conduct.

Dershowitz: Trump Impeachment Invalid; Requires ‚Criminal-like Conduct‘

Dershowitz: „Purely non-criminal conduct including ‚abuse of power‘ and ‚obstruction of Congress‘ are outside the range of impeachable offenses.“

Ken Starr: Impeachment Violated Due Process and the Constitution

Ken Starr: „It is not an impeachable offense for the President of the United States to defend the asserted legal and constitutional prerogatives of the presidency.“

Robert Barnes: The Unconstitutional Impeachment of President Trump

Neither of the impeachment charges against President Donald Trump is indictable. As such, neither is impeachable. The Constitution compels the Senate tp acquit President Trump as a matter of law.

Adam Schiff: Remove Trump, Because He Didn’t Follow Talking Points

Lead House impeachment manager Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) told the Senate impeachment trial Thursday that President Donald Trump should be removed from office because he did not obey the talking points prepared by bureaucrats who work for him.

Fact Check: Jerry Nadler Forgets George Mason’s Proposal Was Defeated

Fact check – CLAIM: The Framers, including George Mason, wanted a broad impeachment power. VERDICT: FALSE. The Framers rejected Mason’s idea.

Never Trump: National Review Backs Democrats on Crime and Impeachment

The editors of National Review, who devoted an entire issue in 2016 to making the case „Against Trump,“ are doing it again in a new editorial arguing against President Donald Trump’s argument that impeachment requires a crime.