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Weak 17: Plenty of Empty Seats on the Last Day of the NFL’s Regular Season

It is the NFL’s Week 17, the last game of regular season play. But stadiums still had empty seats all across the country.

Weak 16: Christmas Week Delivers More Empty Seats to the NFL

With only one more week of regular season play to go, it does not seem as if the NFL got its holiday wishes for full attendance at their games.

Weak 15: Thousands of Empty Seats Going into the Home Stretch

With only two more games left in the regular season, the NFL is still seeing thousands of empty seats all across the nation as Week 15 winds down.

Weak 14: NFL’s Attendance Woes Continue into December

The NFL regular season is nearly finished, but with only three more weeks to go, Week 14 is still „Weak 14“ for many teams suffering attendance woes.

Weak 13 Is Not Lucky for NFL Teams Trying to Fill Empty Seats

Some may try to turn the number 13 into a lucky number, but the empty seats at stadiums across the country defeats that attempt, at least for the NFL’s Week 13 games.

Weak 12: Most of the NFL Season Done, Most Seats Remain Empty

The NFL’s 100th season is going into its final stretch with only five weeks of regular season play remaining, but Week 12 is still „weak“ for many teams trying to get fans into those empty seats.

Weak 11: Empty Seats Abound as NFL Heads Down the Final Stretch

As Week 11 came to a close, it was clear that many fans are still avoiding stadiums all across the country even as the league looks to expand its influence to foreign nations such as Mexico and the U.K.

Weak Ten: NFL Stadiums Still Full of Empty Seats

If the NFL thought that its 100th season would be the draw to fill seats in the stands, many teams are finding that is not the case.

Weak Eight: Empty Seats Abound for Most NFL Teams

Week 8 for the NFL and some teams can’t seem to get fans onboard for the big centennial year as many stadiums still have many empty seats.

Weak Seven: Empty Seats Outnumber Fans in Several NFL Stadiums

With Week Seven nearly in the history books, we’re reminded that the days when the NFL could seemingly fill every stadium without much effort, are also in the past.