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Caroline Glick: Egypt and Middle East Peace, Positive and Negative

Egypt has an uneasy peace with Israel and remains a challenge for security and stability in the Middle East.

EXCLUSIVE – Former Israeli War Colleges Commander: ‘Without Judea and Samaria, Israel Cannot Defend Tel Aviv’

„If [reports] they are true, they indicate that the Trump team has learned nothing from the past. And if they do go forward with something that looks like what has been reported, then their plan is a non-starter.“

Caroline Glick: Iran Opens a War Against Israel from Gaza

The longer Israel delays action, the more difficult it will be for it to defeat its enemies in a strategically significant way.

WATCH – Israeli Bus Hit by Hamas Missile Just After Soldiers Disembarked

Hamas published a video early Tuesday showing a civilian bus carrying Israeli troops being hit by an anti-tank missile and erupting into flames, reportedly moments after dozens of soldiers had disembarked the vehicle.

UC Berkley Students Compare Pittsburgh Synagogue Victims to Deaths of Hamas-Led Rioters

Anti-Zionist groups at the University of California, Berkeley, equated victims of the recent antisemitic massacre at a Pittsburgh synagogue with Palestinians who were killed during Hamas-led riots on the border between Israel and the Gaza Strip.

World View: Israel Prepares for War on Two Fronts, Gaza and Syria

Contents: Egypt mediates Israel-Gaza ceasefire in biggest escalation since 2014 war; Israel also prepares for war on Syria border with Iran and Hezbollah

‚Football is Not Removed from Politics‘ – Palestinians Back Sweden Against England in World Cup Clash

(AFP) — As England prepare to play Sweden in a crunch World Cup quarter-final Saturday, the Scandinavians will find strong support in a perhaps unlikely location: the Palestinian enclave of Gaza.

Pollak: New Democrat Heroine Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is an Anti-Israel Radical

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the 28-year-old democratic socialist who became an instant Democratic Party heroine by unseating party caucus chair Rep. Joe Crowley (D-NY) in Tuesday’s New York primary, is an anti-Israel radical.

Israeli Builds ‘Border’ Wall near Gaza — Underwater

President Donald Trump is struggling to convince Congress to fund his border wall along the frontier with Mexico. Meanwhile, Israel is building a new wall along its border with Gaza — underwater.

Swiss FM: UN Palestinian ‘Refugee’ Agency Fueling Conflict

The UN agency for Palestinian refugees is fueling “unrealistic” hopes of return after 70 years and is therefore helping keep the Israeli-Palestinian conflict alive, Switzerland’s foreign minister said Thursday.