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U.N. Provides $19 Million to East Africa to Help Tame Desert Locusts

Januar 28, 2020No Comments

The United Nations has released $19 million in funding to East African nations to help step up the fight against the devastating desert locust outbreak across the region, the body’s humanitarian chief Mark Lowcock announced this weekend. 

Brazil Demands Britain Extradite ‚Pablo Escobar of Eggs‘

Januar 27, 2020No Comments

Authorities in Brazil have demanded that the United Kingdom extradite a man dubbed the „Pablo Escobar of Eggs“ on charges of the attempted trafficking of endangered falcon eggs. 

Kobe Bryant’s Death Shocks Hollywood: ‘My Heart Is in Pieces‘

Januar 27, 2020No Comments

Celebrities from Ellen DeGeneres to Disney CEO Bob Iger to Kanye West took to social media on Sunday to express their shock and sadness at the death of NBA legend Kobe Bryant, who died in a helicopter crash on Sunday outside Los Angeles with his 13-yea…

Stephen Colbert: Impeach Trump Now Because ‘Three Years Is Enough’

Januar 24, 2020No Comments

CBS „Late Show“ host Stephen Colbert said the impeachment of President Donald Trump should happen because, among other things, three years in office is „really [long] enough.“

Chinese Propaganda to Angry Wuhan Residents Fighting Virus: ‚Hang in There!‘

Januar 24, 2020No Comments

Chinese state media claimed in several effusive pieces on Thursday that residents of Wuhan, the origin city of a deadly new coronavirus, remain full of „caution and optimism“ that local health authorities will successfully prevent it from spreading.

Senior Iranian Political Figure Suggests Ransoming U.S. Hostages for Income

Januar 24, 2020No Comments

A senior Iranian political strategist and Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps officer Hassan Abbasi suggested in a video surfacing Thursday taking Americans hostage and demanding ransoms to make up the losses caused by U.S. economic sanctions.

Hong Kong Lawmakers Demand Executive Does More to Stop Chinese Virus

Januar 23, 2020No Comments

Pro-democracy lawmakers in Hong Kong protested against the city’s Beijing-controlled government on Thursday over its inadequate response to the coronavirus.

Angelina Jolie to Produce TV Show to Help Children Spot Fake News

Januar 23, 2020No Comments

Actress Angelina Jolie has announced plans to produce a BBC show that will teach children how to identify fake news and make up their minds on world issues by examining facts and reputable sources.

Kazakhs Protest Government’s Ties to China as Relatives Disappear into Concentration Camps

Januar 23, 2020No Comments

People from Kazakhstan whose relatives have disappeared into Chinese concentration camps object to their government’s friendliness with Beijing, Radio Free Europe reported on Tuesday.

North Korea Bans All Foreigners in Response to Chinese Virus

Januar 23, 2020No Comments

North Korea’s communist regime banned all foreign visitors from entering the country on Tuesday as a precaution against the recent outbreak of the coronavirus in China, according to tourist companies who operate in the country.