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Wealthy German Family Gifts Millions to Holocaust Survivors

One of Germany’s richest families, which owns Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Pret A Manger and other international brands, is giving millions to support Holocaust survivors as it seeks to atone for its use of forced laborers during the Nazi era and its enthus…

Netanyahu: ‘Iran’s Aggression Is Growing, But its Empire Is Tottering’

LISBON, Portugal — Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday called for increased action against Iran, indicating that the recent unrest in the Islamic Republic offers an opportunity to topple the regime.

Israel’s Drone Industry Rises to Become Global Force

In a fierce battle for market share against world superpowers China and the United States, Israel’s drone industry likes to say it has a secret weapon — military experience.

Christian Buys Nazi Items with Plans to Donate to Jewish Group

A Lebanese-born Swiss real estate mogul said Monday that he purchased Adolf Hitler’s top hat and other Nazi memorabilia from a German auction in order to keep them out of the hands of neo-Nazis, and has agreed to donate them to a Jewish group.

Israeli Defense Minister to Iranian Leaders: ‘You Are Not Immune’

Israeli leaders on Wednesday morning issued fresh threats to Iran after the military conducted overnight airstrikes on the Islamic Republic’s Quds Force in Syria, with the defense minister saying even Tehran’s leaders were “not immune.”

Emirates Backs Boeing: Airline Orders Fleet of 787 Dreamliners for $8.8 Billion

The Middle East’s biggest carrier, the Dubai-based Emirates, announced on Wednesday a firm order for 30 Boeing 787 Dreamliners in a deal valued at $8.8 billion.

Iran to Seek New Fighter Jets, Tanks as 2020 U.N. Embargo Lifts

Iran will likely buy new advanced fighter jets and tanks next year when a U.N. Security Council arms embargo is scheduled to be lifted, a senior U.S. intelligence official said Tuesday as the Defense Intelligence Agency released a new assessment of Ira…

Watch: IDF Strikes Iran Targets in Syria Following Rocket Attacks on Israel

The Israeli military said it struck dozens of targets in Syria belonging to Iranian forces and the Syrian regime in the predawn hours of Wednesday morning, in response to four rockets that were fired at Israel the day before.

Dershowitz to Israeli AG: ‘Do the Right Thing’ and Drop Charges Against Netanyahu

As Israel approaches what would be its third election in less than a year, many Israelis and international observers are questioning the sustainability of the country’s complicated parliamentary system.

Turkey Deports 7 German, One British Islamic State Terrorist Suspects

Turkish officials say Turkey has deported seven German and one British Islamic State suspects to their home countries.