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Wedding season

In Israel, where 70% of weddings take place in the rainless summer, we’re currently in the midst of high season for weddings, a favorite date being Tu Be’av.

When the lights go out in New York

I can’t help thinking ‘Isn’t that the exact advice given to people in the South Tower on September 11, 2001, when an airplane crashed into the North Tower?

From generation to generation

‘I’m good with my right hand, now. It’s amazing how you can change when you have to’

The human spirit: #684

Now the numbers themselves are part of the story, changing how Israel is perceived.

The Eurovision effect

We have plunged so quickly into our next national political predicament that we may not have taken time to reflect on our success in pulling off Eurovision.

Opening your home to the conflict

Have you ever held an imaginary conversation with American college students who believe Israel is an apartheid state dominated by big bad settlers and soldiers who torture children?

The Human Spirit: His world was a wide bridge

Februar 13, 2019No Comments

In Chicago, Eckstein was the first Jew many of the Evangelical pastors had ever met and they were willing, even eager, to support Jews, Israel and Soviet Jewry.

The Human Spirit: Hypertext Jerusalem

There is much more to our capital city than meets the eye.

The Human Spirit: The phone number to save your marriage

The phone number to save your marriage: (02) 640-4343 or 1-877-963-8938 toll-free from abroad.

The Human Spirit: The boy who fell five floors down an elevator shaft

„When I first saw Joseph, I wasn’t sure we could do anything.“