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Rashida Tlaib’s trip to Israel, scheduled for Saturday, shrouded in mystery

August 15, 2019No Comments

Won’t be first Congressional trip to “occupied territories;‘ following similar visit in 2016, congressman called settlers ‚termites‘

An angel in the parking lot

The problem is that we are now in the cellphone age, and instead of taking out a pen and writing down the bearing on my parking ticket, I took a picture on my phone.

An oasis in Tirat Carmel

Last month a 61-room hotel and spa – the Kedem Hotel – opened on the edge of town, overlooking the forested Monheim Park on one side and a few steps from the pastoral path leading to the Galim Stream

Netanyahu: Iran’s uranium enrichment steps are like those Nazis took in 1930

This enrichment, the prime minister said, “is for only one thing – to prepare nuclear weapons.”

‘Closing up shop’

There’s something different about marrying off a daughter, especially the only daughter. For better or worse, we’re more protective of our daughter.

PA: Bahrain workshop aims to normalize Israel without demanding withdrawal

Dennis Ross: Workshop could make ‘contribution’ and lend ‘credence’ to Trump plan.

Greenblatt: Settlements not reason for lack of peace

Former COGAT head, director of Sheba hospital expected to attend Bahrain parley.

Israel, Lebanon to begin talks on maritime border in July – report

US envoy David Satterfield is expected to mediate.

Jewish Democrat: Don’t make a big deal if Tlaib leads visit to W. Bank

“Israel is giving her more attention than she deserves,” said Klein, who served two terms as a congressman from Florida, before being defeated by Alan West in 2010.

The inbreeding of the exiles

More than once, while conjugating Hebrew verbs in one of the many ulpan classes I had to take, I fantasized about marrying my bubbly, energetic, exotic-looking Sabra ulpan teacher.