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Israel’s political crisis, Benjamin Netanyahu and the free-stuff lure

November 28, 2019No Comments

Dore Gold: Democrats Letter about settlement illegality ‘seriously flawed’

November 26, 2019No Comments

Settling the law

November 21, 2019No Comments

Free at last, free at last

Oktober 31, 2019No Comments

I felt native, like some character out of an Arik Einstein song

Diplomatic Affairs: Approaching the Mideast crossroads

Oktober 24, 2019No Comments

The US pushed Israel-Gulf ties, now those ties are also fueled by uncertainty over its regional policies

The message for Israel after the US withdrawal from Syria

Oktober 11, 2019No Comments

“The two most unhappy countries at this move are Russia & China, because they love seeing us bogged down, watching over a quagmire, & spending big dollars to do so.“

Does Israel need pacts with Persian Gulf that Katz is trying to secure?

Oktober 7, 2019No Comments

“We should continue doing what we are doing [with the Persian Gulf countries], deepen those ties, without make doing this more difficult for them.”

Katz: Israel, Switzerland will consider alternatives to UNRWA

September 4, 2019No Comments

Bern suspended payments to UNRWA in July until completion of a UN investigation into ethical misconduct among senior officials in the organization.

Netanyahu and Nasrallah’s survival instincts – analysis

September 1, 2019No Comments

Both men, Nasrallah and Netanyahu, have great survival instincts, and both have no interest in ratcheting up the conflict to a point where it could spiral out of control and topple them both.

Netanyahu: Israel is prepared for all scenarios with Hezbollah

September 1, 2019No Comments

Israel responded to the fire by firing 100 mortars into Lebanon and attacking from the air, the Prime Minister said.