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Palestinians call for mass protests to foil Trump’s plan

‚A declaration of war on the Palestinians‘;

Where do the Palestinians go from here?

Ramallah’s public denunciations and rejection of the ‘deal of the century’ will make it almost impossible for the PA to accept the plan or any part of it.;

Why did Gaza groups resume incendiary balloon attacks on Israel?

The Palestinian factions have also decided to resume the activities of the “Night Confusion” units along the Gaza-Israel border, the sources said.;

Palestinians launch anti-Israel dawn prayer protests

Palestinians have been strongly condemning visits to the Temple Mount by Jewish groups, claiming the tours are designed to pave the way for a Jewish takeover of the holy site.;

‚Mastermind‘ weapons smuggler slams PLO, Fatah for abandoning prisoners

„Shame on you for holding positions you don’t deserve.“;

Hamas, Islamic Jihad agree to stand together in future fight with Israel

Qatar says aid to Gaza will continue.;

PA requests urgent Arab League meeting over Brazil trade mission

„It’s not something extraordinary. It’s supposed to be a natural and normal thing. We want to move to Jerusalem not just for Brazil, but to set an example for all of Latin America,”;

Abbas: We’re waiting for Israel’s approval to hold elections in Jerusalem

Abbas’s critics claim that he may use the issue of east Jerusalem participation as an excuse not to hold the elections.;

Hamas-affiliated analyst calls for dialogue with US

„America is a force that cannot be ignored and, if possible, we should have a dialogue with it on the basis of our people’s rights. All countries want to be friends with America.”;

Squabbling among ‘businessmen’ threatens US effort to engage Palestinians