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Arab Israelis, MKs gather to protest the ‚Nakba‘

The protesters demanded the return of all refugees from the war who live outside Israel, as well as the restitution of abandoned lands to those Arabs who moved to another location within Israel.

Hezbollah releases video of attack that killed 2 IDF soldiers

Februar 16, 2019No Comments

„[The video] doesn’t bring me back because I live that terrible moment every day, every hour. Hezbollah thinks it can cause pain? It can’t.“

‚If we don’t strike at Iran, it won’t leave Syria‘ – former general

Februar 13, 2019No Comments

Israel is failing to keep the Iranians out of Syria, says Maj. Gen. (res.) Amos Gilad.

Terror victim’s mom to gov’t: Why can terrorists appeal home demolition?

Februar 13, 2019No Comments

„It is shameful and disgraceful that the state gives terrorists the right to appeal a home-demolition order signed by the commanding officer“- Ilanit Mor Yosef, mother of victim Yuval Mor Yosef