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Huawei’s New R&D Plant Is Basically a Bunch of European Castles and Cities

The new Huawei campus, called Ox Horn, consists of replicas of well-known palaces and castles in Europe. It even has a Versailles.

China Says No to More Trade Talks Until U.S. Corrects ‚Wrong Actions‘

Tariffs on Chinese goods are likely to go up as China points the finger at the U.S. for the collapse of trade talks.

Kansas City Fed: Manufacturing Growth is Sluggish

A slightly disappointing reading on manufacturing in Colorado, Nebraska, Wyoming, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri.

Jobless Claims Unexpectedly Drop to 211,000

Amid rising trade tensions and a tight labor market, U.S. businesses are hanging on to their employees and not laying off workers.

Xi Jinping’s Rare Earth Visit Highlights Weak Spot in U.S. Trade Strategy

China is prepared to use its domination of raw materials used in virtually all high-tech manufacturing to gain leverage in the trade dispute.

Trump Says U.S. Will Remove Steel and Aluminum Tariffs on Canada

Canada and the U.S. issued a joint statement promising to bring down metals tariffs and retaliation within 48 hours.

Consumer Sentiment Soars to Highest Level in 15 Years

Another piece of evidence that the economy picked up steam in early May, defying predictions of a slowdown

Trump Puts Auto Tariffs on Hold for Six Months

Instead of opening new fronts in the trade war, the Trump administration will send a trade hawk to negotiate with Europe and Japan.

China’s Recent Treasury Sell-Off Shows Its $1.2 Trillion of U.S. Debt Poses No Threat

New evidence that the so-called ’nuclear option‘ in the trade fight is not really the threat many feared.

Philly Fed Survey Points to Manufacturing Rebound

One of the best indicators of economic growth points toward acceleration in May and shows no signs of trade war strain.