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June Jobs Figures Crush Kamala Harris’s Claim That People Are Forced to Work Multiple Jobs

The share of the workforce holding multiple jobs rose slightly in June but remains very low in a very strong labor market.

Boom! America Created 224,000 Jobs in June!

The June jobs report showed the American labor market making a strong rebound after a stumble in May.

Report: Commerce Department Still Strictly Reviewing Huawei Export Requests

This could allay fears that the Trump administration has gone too far in easing restrictions on the Chinese telecom company.

Trade Figures Show China Tariffs Are Working and Helping Our Allies

A small rise in the trade deficit in May masks a much larger shift in U.S. trade away from China and toward our allies.

Arch-Globalist Christine Lagarde Picked to Head European Central Bank

Like Powell, Lagarde is a lawyer. So the world’s two biggest currency zones will be lead by non-economists.

Michael Pillsbury: Trump Has Not Reversed His Position on Huawei

„The super-hawks are now attacking the president for concessions and for reversing himself. This is just fake news,“ Pillsbury said.

June Put the ‚Meh‘ in Manufacturing

Manufacturing continued to slow in June but still outpaced expectations. Lots of gripes about tariffs but prices are falling.

Trump and Xi Agree to Resume Trade Talks

Juni 29, 2019No Comments

“We had a very good meeting with President Xi of China. Excellent, I would say excellent,” Trump said Saturday morning.

Stocks Have Best First Half of Year In Over Two Decades

Juni 28, 2019No Comments

The Dow Jones Industrial Average had its best June since 1938 and the S&P its best first half since 1997.

Consumer Sentiment Better Than Expected in June

Juni 28, 2019No Comments

Consumers feel good about the economy now and are less worried about the future than they were a year ago.