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Food Stamp Participation Lowest in 10 Years

The number of individuals participating in the nation’s food stamp program has sunk to its lowest level in ten years, according to the latest data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

VIDEO: Boat Bursts into Flames After Lightning Strikes in Boston

A small sailboat got an electrifying jolt Saturday when it burst into flames in a Boston harbor, according to video footage of the incident.

NYPD Officers Pay Grocery Tab for Woman Accused of Shoplifting

Three officers from the New York Police Department (NYPD) decided to pay a woman’s grocery tab instead of arresting her for alleged shoplifting.

Police: Fake Cop Gets Pulled Over by Real Cop in Florida

A man who was impersonating a police officer was placed in police custody Thursday after he pulled over an off-duty deputy driving on Interstate 4 in Florida, authorities said.

Heroic Uncle Who Ran into Burning Home to Save Niece: ‚I Would Do It Again‘

A 20-year-old uncle is suffering from second-to-third degree burns in the hospital after he ran into his burning home in Aberdeen, Washington, to save his niece.

CA Earthquake: Hospital Wheels Patients with IVs Out of Building

As Californians brace themselves for the second earthquake to hit the area in less than two days, some hospitals are taking desperate measures to ensure their patients‘ safety by evacuating them from damaged buildings.

VIDEO: Teens Allegedly Loot Walgreens in Downtown Philly

A group of teenagers allegedly looted a Walgreens in downtown Philadelphia Thursday evening, according to video footage of the incident.

Multiple Injuries Reported After Gas Explosion at Florida Shopping Center

A gas explosion at a shopping center in Plantation, Florida, on Saturday left at least 20 people injured, according to multiple reports and officials at the scene.

Police Identify Texas Walmart Store Where Woman Licked Ice Cream

Texas authorities have identified the Walmart store where a woman was caught on camera licking a tub of Blue Bell’s Tin Roof ice cream before placing it back in a store freezer.

Portland Police Chief Calls for Anti-Mask Law for Antifa Protesters

Portland Police Chief Danielle Outlaw is calling for an „anti-mask“ law to deter the throngs of Antifa protesters that descended upon the city on Saturday.